My Story - The Short Version

About MeGreetings everyone.

My name is Andy.

From early teens to late 30's my fitness consisted of 'Body Building' style workouts with cardio thrown in for good measure!

In 2011 a health scare woke me up from a self-induced slumber and made me question my 'fitness' practices. I have absolutely nothing against body building but it just wasn't for me personally. My search lead me on a journey, and boy, I didn't realise the rabbit hold went so deep in the world of fitness!

My beloved Clubbells

To cut a story short, I eventually found Circular Strength Training and Tacfit and I haven't looked back. I LOVE Clubbells and fitness that incorporates specific warm ups and active recovery gets a huge thumbs up from me.

I have completed Tacfit26 Level 1 (Delta), Primal Stress Level 1 and all levels of Tacfit King of Clubs. I currently get up at 5.20am (4.20am at the weekends) to do my Tacfit training and fit in afternoon Clubbell work on my moderate days where time allows.

It is an honour to share my personal Tacfit journey with you.

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My Story - The Long Version

About MeA Wannabe Hero's Journey

"Before I studied the art, a punch to me is just like a punch, a kick just like a kick.  After I’ve studied the art, a punch is no longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. 
Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch, a kick is just a kick."
                         Bruce Lee

Summer. 1981. A young boy unglues his eyes from the small black and white TV as the credits to ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ roll. Oblivious to the scrolling list of endless names, the boy starts emulating his current favourite super hero. A squat here, a backbend there, he is blissfully unaware that during his hero-pursuits he is crudely exercising! As muscle fatigue sets in, he slumps to the floor, tired but exhilarated. He wants to be Spiderman. NO. He IS Spiderman.

After a bout of adventure-visualisations and youthful recovery the happy boy runs outside in search of bad guys to kill (or his sister to tease), not knowing that tomorrow he will want to be Superman……..

I am sure that my personal journey into physical fitness started way beyond this one of many hero-emulation moments in my childhood (and maybe sometimes in my adulthood after leaving a Bond movie!), but the need for ‘true fitness’ never crystallized in my mind until poor health provided a much needed wakeup call.

Pressing the fast forward button (do they still exist?) past school, PE, bodybuilding in the gym and infrequent jogs, I entered 2010 with too much body fat, poor mobility, regular bouts of illness and a love of alcohol. Ah, life was good. Maybe.

As my body hit the floor after collapsing in a shopping centre in June 2011, I clearly remember thinking “Hmm, Maybe I’m not healthy!”

A course of events manifested from this incident that would change my life, health, outlook and body forever.

I commenced a new journey of discovery.

What started as mandatory gym membership and finding a training programme on the internet that ‘looked good’, I stumbled along the fitness pathway. It was a mess. Stevie Wonder landing an aeroplane would have been easier than my approach to getting fit.

The one thing I am grateful for, however, is intuition. Or more accurately listening to my intuition on this occasion. We all have it. Most of the time we ignore it until life knocks on the door and we cry out “I should have followed my instincts”.

My gut was telling me to treat this as a thesis for a University degree or learning a new skill. Be serious about it, become an expert and have no excuses. My ‘all or nothing’ personality kicked in and I dove headfirst into the fitness industry ocean. A very deep place indeed.

I read over 100 books, watched the same number of hours of videos and DVDs, and listened to countless audio interviews, seminars and the like.

You name it, I studied it. Body building, power lifting, conventional weight training (dumbbells/barbells etc), unconventional weight training (kettlebells, sandbags etc), bodyweight training (calisthenics) and so on. This doesn’t include the non-exertion aspects such as programme design, periodisation etc etc etc…..we’re both sleeping now!

Does all this make me a fitness expert? Absolutely not.

It makes me passionate about becoming fit for my life in the most efficient and effective way possible and convey that sentiment to others who want to listen.

It makes me happy to spend more time initially to reap the benefits later. It gives me the tools to be a healthier me.

Where's Me Clubbell?I am where I am now in my fitness life through hard work and failing successfully. I have the level of fitness that I have because of CST and Tacfit. From all of my studying they have proved (in my humble opinion) to be the most intelligent approach to health and fitness and also transcends physical fitness to incorporate emotional, mental and intuitive health and well-being. Pure genius.

Here the story of my initial journey ends but a new exciting adventure is about to begin.

I would like to share with you, my current training adventures. What started as an electronically stored log of my daily training has manifested into this web site. It has been a joy to build and a great personal resource for further rapid development and realising performance goals more rapidly.

I  hope you find the training logs interesting.

Let the journey begin…………training log