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Started on the 1st January 2015 - 27th February
Optimise Hormonal Balance
The Program


UPDATE - 10th January 2015

10 days into the 42 day cycle and I have come to believe that this program is very special. I am following the Mass Calendar and to date have undertaken 20 training sessions (1 x AM, 1 x PM). I am pretty amazed at how the body is adapting to the workload. The wave of intensity has been perfect and I am beginning to find my groove. I can think of about 5 or 6 occasions where I did not believe that I could do the next workout but have nailed, (and exceeded expectation) during them.   

The hormonal optimization aspect is so appealing to me. My personal nutritional intake is about 95% spot on and the exercise/meal timing outlined in BAD45 has been working wonders.

I'm a Clubbell Athlete and really miss using them, but am really enjoying personal development with dumbbells. It is nice to use the adjustable dumbells that I bought, used for 1 month and then used as a towel stand! When I repeat this program I will be going down the Clubbell route but for this cycle am being a compliant chap :)

Tacfit is a very intelligent system. I believe that BAD45 takes that intelligence to the next level. 

UPDATE - 23rd January 2015

I'm currently doing the Mass calendar of BAD45 and have just completed training session 39 of 84 (Day 20 of 42). I haven't taken any measurements since beginning the program and, today, got the urge to check!

I was dumb-founded to see that I had lost just over 3lbs of body fat (with zero loss of lean tissue).

The reason I was so surprised was that fat loss is not my aim (but a very welcome byproduct). Before starting BAD45 my body fat was 9.9%. Now it is down to 8.6%. I don't count calories but have increased my nutrient intake since starting the program. If I was to guess maybe an additional 3-500 calories a day.

My primary goal with BAD45 was to delve deeper into the world of hormonal optimisation and experience the matching of daily training with internal biorhythm. In 20 very short days I have lost what I deem to be considerable body fat considering I was already in single digits AND increased my food consumption. I've also developed a 'harder' body with zero compromise on mobility. Beautiful smile emoticon

An additional factor is that I feel my stress levels are more in check. I'm a pretty laid back personality but, like everyone, have stress. I have felt a reduction in feelings linked to stress (and my current workload has gone up) and have a greater sense of groundedness.

For me the above is living proof that BAD45 does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. Build fat, burn muscle and WAY more important find hormonal balance. I personally never doubt anything that Coach Sonnon releases but am writing this to confirm that it does work (and then some) smile emoticon

Happy training,


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    Scott Sonnon Andrew great job. You did the work. Even the smartest workout is inert without will and discipline. 

UPDATE - 27th February 2015

Wow! What an amazing journey. Just completed the BAD45 Mass Calandar. Two training sessions per day for 42 training days. Due to various challenges (aka Life!) I incorporated 'Downshift' Days taking the total to 58 days.

What can I say about BAD45? Simply complex :) An incredibly simple program to undertake but one that is floating on a sea of complex patterning, endocrinology and exercise kinesiology. It is an absolutely fantastic program.

For me personally, BAD45 delivered on so many levels. Going way beyond fat loss, muscle gain and increased cardiovascular endurance I developed a deeper understanding about hormone optimisation and gained further insight into balancing personal work and recovery. I can't wait to repeat this program with Clubbells :)

After reading, understanding, experiencing and internalising BAD45 I can confirm with confidence that it offers the following and more:

1. Great introduction into the world of Tacfit.
2. Very effective training protocol.
3. Optimal training platform to efficiently meet individual goals (fat loss, muscle gain and sooooooooo much more).
4. Intelligent programming to balance work and recovery.
5. Jolly good fun!

I have been undertaking Tacfit training (Tacfit26, King of Clubs, Primal Stress and First Alarm) since 2012 and BAD45 is now a very welcome addition to my training. As with all Coach Sonnon's offerings just follow the structure as laid out and the magic will happen.

Happy training.



I am in the luxurious position of being able to undertake whatever training I wish. I am not training for a specific job or event, but for longevity (and recovery from the stressors in life). In essence this means I can do what I want! In practice I don't want to cocktail my training and go nowhere but even though some of my decisions are emotionally-based they focus on taking me in the correct direction. This means all is very cool :)

Originally I had a 3 Phase training program that I put together. It was a culmination of specific training from what I would personally (and with bias) consider the best coaches in the business.

I have completed Phase 1 and am halfway (13th Dec 2014) through Phase 2. Phase 3 was to naturally commence upon completion of 2 but a curve ball has changed things slightly.

On the 26th November (2014), Coach Sonnon released a new program called BAD45. I looked on with interest during the buildup to the launch but believed I would not be purchasing it as it was focused on bodyweight and dumbbells (or so I thought). I have enough training programs to last the rest of my days so though I was going to give it a miss.


The initial focus prior to launch was on hormonal optimisation. I was introduced to this concept about two years but didn't pursue it. When Coach Sonnon started to talk about it in more detail I was fascinated. His Facebook posts yielded some great info and the free Nutrition Addition book he released was a great source of inspiration.

Again, this was not enough to make me want the new program until I saw the launch e-mail from RMAX. There were many bonuses, which included:

Progressive Yoga
Clubbell Workouts in 6 Degrees of Freedom
Clubbell Add-ons to the main BAD45 program.


I snapped up the program and devoured everything. As Mickey said to Rocky in the third movie, "It's a ting o' beauty."

After intellectually internalising the content and recently physically experiencing it, I believe this program to be a work of art. I am so eager to do it that I have displaced Phase 3 of my current training.

I'll be following the Mass Calendar for a period of 42 days. It will be exciting to see what this program yields in terms of attribute development and more importantly hormonal optimistation. Can't wait :)

Phase 3 of my current training should commence once I complete BAD45............but........who knows what the future holds ;)



The following has been taken from the official web site for BAD45.


BAD45 - Overview

This new addition to the TACFIT fleet has been named the "Bodyweight and Dumbbell 45", or BAD45 to be succinct, because it takes the most fundamental, full-body, functional bodyweight and dumbbell movements and organizes them in the most succinct manner to optimize your results, while minimizing time investment.

BAD45 exploits cutting edge discoveries in exercise endocrinology, which gives you entrance into three critical windows for your optimal performance: the catabolic, or fat burning window, the anabolic, or muscle building window, and the metabolic, or energy enhancing window.

Further Info: More information about BAD45 can be found at the official web site:
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BAD45 Data


15th December 2014 - Since purchasing this program I have devoured the manuals and analysed the training sessions. To date I have physically undertaken the following:

1. Both Progressive Yoga Sessions.
2. 1 x Bodyweight-5 training session.
3. 1 x Bodyweight-4 training session
4. All of the Clubbell 6 Degree Matrix (additional launch bonus. Maybe available separately for purchase).

I am not a fitness expert, have no fitness certifications and train for a good life. All I have is 2 years of personal study of fitness and physical practice using Tacfit. Now that that is out of the way I will continue with my humble unqualified opinion! I think this is probably one of the best fitness systems to ever hit the market. If used as described, and coupled with the suggested nutritional strategies, it will potentially yield results that go way beyond muscle and cardio. Because of the focus on hormonal optimisation, one can potentially do less work to achieve the same or greater results.

To quote Scott Sonnon, "We need to stop looking at fitness from a “how much I can perform” (power output) or muscle building perspective. It’s how much you can activate your hormonal system and switching back and forth between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system."

This program will absolutely build functional muscle and burn fat but these are secondary benefits. The primary goal is to pair up intensity to the individual biorhythm of our hormones. With correct meal timings we can also reap further benefits.

What initially looks complicated is elegantly simple if due diligence is done by taking the time to absorb the material.

I can't wait to undertake a complete cycle. Will update this page as well as record progress in my training log.



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