Bring The Flow - The Program



Undertaken - 13th October - 9th November 2014
6 Degrees of Freedom
The Program

Incorporating: 6 Degree Flow / ClubFit / FlowFit



I am really excited about this new stage of training. It came about after an evaluation of my post-Tacfit Fire Fighter plans. I began to identify areas that required further development and now have the confidence to put together a training package (taking from the best and creating my own) that will help to develop these areas.

The program will follow the amazing 4-Day Wave and is a combination of Scott Sonnon's 6 Degree Flow, FlowFit and a program I designed for myself that I have affectionately called ClubFit. Mobility work is also incorporated and will borrow from Intu-Flow, Tacfit Fire Fighter, Tacfit26, Primal Stress and 6 Degree Flow.

I am very keen to 'open up' the body as well as develop further strength through all 6 Degrees of Freedom; using both body weight and Clubbells. I believe that these goals can be realised (for me) with this current set-up. It is experimental as I am a teacher by trade, not a qualified fitness professional. Quiet confidence :)

This is Phase 1 of training. It will be subject to change for Phase 2 and 3.

Bring the Flow............


Grow - Mod Intensity

Moderate Intensity Training - Using a single Clubbell 2-Handed (plus bodyweight and a pull up bar). Primary aim is to develop strength through all Degrees of Freedom to facilitate the FlowFit movements on the High Intensity Days. I created this program specifically for me. It includes elements that will improve areas that I am currently weak within. I am excited to see how it pans out as it is the first time that I have done something so specific for myself. 

  Twisting Lunge Front Lunge Yaw Twist Twisted Lunge  
  Rolling Shoulder Spinal Wave Morning Torch Standing Backbend  
  Alternating Side Bends Side Lunge Windmill Standing Side Bend  
  Dragon Squat Lift Up Side Clean and Press Dying Warrior  
  Thoracic Clover Parry Cast - 2-Handed Clasped Hand Forward Fold  
  Arm Clovers Pull Up (All variations) + Box Jumps Downward Facing Dog  
      Flow - Shinbox, Pigeon, Up Dog, Pigeon, Shinbox  

 Done in circuit fashion. 45 seconds per movement. 1 minute rest between each circuit. Total of 4 circuits. Training time excluding Warm Up and Cool Down - 22 minutes.

I will be monitoring intensity output carefully to ensure I stay within the 'Moderate Zone'. I may play with the number of rounds and extend them to 6 rounds of 30 seconds per movement. We'll see.....


Flow - High Intensity

High Intensity Training - Primary aim is to become proficient at FlowFit throughout the levels. I have had my eye on this program for a loooooong time and now am ready to attack it. I have incorporated a Warm Up to target areas that I find tight in the mornings (I train as soon as I wake up). The Cool Down is from my ClubFit program above and is incorporated into this because I can and want to ;) 

  FlowFit Warm Up FlowFit Movements FlowFit Cool Down  
      (same as ClubFit)  
  Trinity Squat Squat Twisted Lunge  
  Arm Clovers Quad Standing Backbend  
  Spinal Wave - Up/Down Swoop Standing Side Bend  
  Leg - Figure 8's Climber Dying Warrior  
  Elbow Infinities Tripod Clasped Hand Forward Fold  
    Dog Downward Facing Dog  
    Rock Flow - Shinbox, Pigeon, Up Dog, Pigeon, Shinbox  

 Starting off by doing 14 minutes of work (approx 26 minutes including Warm Up and Cool Down). Will monitor performance and intensity levels before deciding to increase the time.

Level 2 Movements - One full squat at the beginning of each round. Go into Quad on Squat number 2. Both hands on the floor for the swoop. Kick feet up and over on the Rock.

Level 3 Movements - One full squat at the beginning of each round. Go into Quad on Squat number 2. Both hands on the floor for the swoop. 

Further Info: More information about FlowFit can be found at Rmax International's web site: and a great reveiw can be found at


No - No Intensity

No Intensity Training - I undertake mobility training every day (but don't record it on my training log). The No Intensity days will be an extended session and include both open and closed chain drills. I will primarily be doing Unbinding from 6 Degree Flow for the closed chain and a combo of Intu-Flow Clovers, Tacfit26 and Tacfit Fire Fighter for open chain. When the mood arises I'll also borrow from Primal Stress, which has fantastic closed chain mobility drills.

Further Info: 

Tacfit Fire Fighter
Primal Stress


Low - Low Intensity

Low Intensity Training - Now I am REALLY excited about this training day. This was the catalyst that all the above was built off of. This training will consist of Scott Sonnon's 6 Degree Flow program. I will focus on one program per phase of training. This will be a very interesting one to monitor from an exertion point of view. I am very well conditioned but this day will test that conditioning due to exploring new movement patterns. It will potentially stray into Moderate Intensity training. Bring it on, Baby!

Phase 1 - Roll and Sway

Phase 2 - Pitch and Surge

Phase 3 - Yaw and Heave

Further Info: 

Six Degree Flow -


After monitoring for my heart rate and perceived training intensities for about a year I adopted the Karvonen method to establish training intensities. The transition took place in November 2013. After further study I have refined it further.

Heart rate percentages are subjective and are as individual as we are. The percentage rates of intensity are a guide, which can become more accurate when Scott Sonnon's 'Rate of Perceived' is incorporated. See HERE for further info about Rate of Perceived.

I adopted the Karvonen method because it synced up with my personal intensity output. Using the 'Standard' method was an impossibility for me on the NO and LOW days as I could not do the drills and keep within the suggested targets. It also meant that my RPE was lower as I was going more slowly to keep within the zone. I was comfortable with the heart rate zones on the Mod and High days for both the Standard and Karvonen methods. It was the NO and LOW days that were the challenge.

The following table shows 3 methods for general heart rate percentage calculations. The numbers are based on my personal data (Age: 43. Resting Heart Rate 47 bpm).

What I found very interesting is how individual heart rates can be. I know this is stating the obvious but when I read the following on Wikipedia it hit home how the various formulae are just a guide and it is up to the individual to establish more concrete individual data. Again, this sounds pretty darn obvious; but is it? ;)

From Wikipedia (Article HERE): 

Limitations of Estimation Formulas

Maximum heart rates vary significantly between individuals. Even within a single elite sports team, such as Olympic rowers in their 20s, maximum heart rates have been reported as varying from 160 to 220. Such a variation would equate to a 60 or 90 year age gap in the equations that are currently used, and would seem to indicate the extreme variation about these average figures.

  220 - Age 220 - Age - RHR x HR% + RHR 205.8-(0.685xAge)  
  NO <40 0 - 71 0 - 99 0 - 70  
  LOW 40 - 60 71 - 106 99 - 125 70 - 105  
  MODERATE 60 - 80 106 - 142 125 - 151 105 - 140  
  HIGH 80 - 100 142 - 177 151 - 177 140 - 176  
  Heart Rate Max 177        
  Age 43        
  Resting Heart Rate 47        

Formulae Used For My Calculations 

 'Standard' Formula (Haskell and Fox) - HRmax = 220 − age x HR%

Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Formula) - THR = ((HRmax − HRrest) × % intensity) + HRrest

Other Formula (Robergs and Landwehr) - HRmax = 205.8-(0.685xAge)


 I have now taken all the complexity above coupled with analysis of my heart rates/'rate of perceived' over the last 2 years and fine-tuned it into simplified personal training intensities as follows: 

  HEART RATE MAX 175      
    H/R % RPE BPM  
  NO INTENSITY 0-40% 1-3 0-100  
  LOW INTENSITY 40-60% 4-6 100-125  
  MODERATE INTENSITY 60-80% 6-8 125-150  
  HIGH INTENSITY 80-100% 8-10 150-175  

 There is knowledge and then there is knowing. Let movement be your meditation, and then you will KNOW. 

Daniel Markert 


Personal Training Scores


Click on the image above to view all my training scores since starting Tacfit Training in 2012