Bring The For - The Program



Has been displaced until January/February 2015
6 Degrees of Freedom
The Program

Incorporating: 6 Degree Flow / TBA / Ryan' Tacfit Speed


DETAILS TO FOLLOW SOON Phase 1 of 3 - Bring The Flow - Completed
Phase 2 of 3 - Bring The Power - Currently undertaking
Phase 3 of 3 - Bring The Speed - Will commence in late December



Grow - Mod Intensity

Details to follow shortly.


Flow - High Intensity

Details to follow shortly.


No - No Intensity

No Intensity Training - I will primarily be doing Unbinding from 6 Degree Flow for the closed chain and a combo of Intu-Flow Clovers, Tacfit26 and Tacfit Fire Fighter for open chain. When the mood arises I'll also borrow from Primal Stress, which has fantastic closed chain mobility drills.

Further Info: 

Tacfit Fire Fighter
Primal Stress


Low - Low Intensity

Low Intensity Training - Details to follow.

Further Info: 

Six Degree Flow -


Details to follow.

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Note 2: Sometimes I will provide details about a training program but only details that have been put into the public domain by the program creators.

"Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast"

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