Bring The Power - The Program



Undertaken - 17th November 2014 - 31st December 2014
6 Degrees of Freedom
The Program

Incorporating: 6 Degree Flow / Clubbell 5x5 / Ryan's Tacfit Power


Phase 1 fo 3 - Bring The Flow - Completed
Phase 2 of 3 - Bring The Power - Will commence Monday 17th November
Phase 3 of 3 - Bring The Speed - After completion of Phase 2

These 3 phases of training are centered around Scott Sonnon's Six Degree Flow. I planned one flow per phase of training and factored in additional training to complement each flow.

In Phase 1 I created a Clubbell program (+ additonal movements to address weaknesses and maintain some attributes) for my strength training days. I attached FlowFit to my high intensity days.

What is interesting is that there is specific structure to these phases but the process has been organic. I remember Scott Sonnon saying in an interview, "Have a plan but be willing to abandon the plan". This has been prevalent n my mind during this process.

I had the plan to undertake FlowFit over the three phases but achieved my goals (and more) within Phase 1. This meant that I can move on to other aspects of training and the recent release of Clubbell 5x5 has come at the perfect time. The original plan for Phase 2 was to move FlowFit from the high intensity days and place it in the moderate days. The Phase 2 training for the high days was already in place and is a new exciting Tacfit-based program that Ryan Provencher from Tacfit Fire Fighter created for me. So the original format was going to be:

Mod - FlowFit
High - Ryan's Tacfit Power Program
No - Mobilty
Low - 6D Flow - Pitch and Surge

When it became clear that I was going to reach and potentially exceed my FlowFit goals I decided to replace FlowFit on the mod days with a strength based program. 'Clubbell 5x5 Buildup' by Alberto Gallazzi was my first choice. This was the 5x5 program that was given as a free gift by RMAX International (and came as a bonus with Alberto's Tacfit Survival). Link to free program HERE.

So the new schedule became:

Mod - Clubbell 5x5 Buildup
High - Ryan's Tacfit Power Program
No - Mobilty
Low - 6D Flow - Pitch and Surge

As irony would have it, Alberto released his entire Clubbell 5x5 program last Friday. Perfect timing :) I snapped it up and devoured the manual and videos. Alberto had an interesting set of schedules that were flexible enough to have Tacfit training incorporated. I contacted Alberto (what an amazing human being), and he gave me some suggestions. I now have a solid structure in place. This phase of training will not follow the traditional 4-Day wave and I have extended it from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. I'm REALLY excited about it.

Now it looks something like this:

1. Clubbell 5x5
2. Ryan's Tacfit Power Program
3. Mobilty
4. 6D Flow - Pitch and Surge

Each element fits into a specific schedule. Ha. Now everything is in place.



Grow - Mod Intensity

Moderate Intensity Training - Clubbell 5x5 - Using a single Clubbell 2-Handed and/or 2 single Clubbells. As with my moderate training in Phase 1 my primary aim is to develop strength through all Degrees of Freedom. This phase ups the ante because of the dramatic increase in tension. Phase 1's strength training was conducted in circuit fashion with minimal rest. This will be different (and is very exciting).

I know there will be hypertrophy (and welcome it) and I am considering increasing my nutritional intake to facilitate further growth. I'm not 100% sure at this stage if I will but will give it some thought. It would be a good time to maximise hypertrophy along with the strength gains and makes sense to do it now. We'll see.  

  Out of respect for Alberto's work I am not divulging information about the program structure.

 Further Info: More information about Clubbell 5x5 can be found at the official web site: and initial observations that I made about the program can be found at


Flow - High Intensity

High Intensity Training - I am really excited about this program. It was created for me by Ryan Provencher to specifically address personal areas for improvement.

While undertaking Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm, Ryan provided outstanding coaching that helped my throughout my training. I have written an in-depth review about my Tacfit Fire Fighter experience HERE, and I have also compiled a review about the coaching that Tacfit Fire Fighter offer HERE. Highly recommended.

Ryan’s program (this is Part 1. Part 2 is speed, which I will incorporate into Phase 3’s training) is to aid the development of power and coupled with Alberto’s strength program, create a potent mix for specific attribute development.

  Out of respect for Ryan's work I am not divulging information about the program structure.

Further Info: More information about Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm can be found at:


No - No Intensity

No Intensity Training - I let this area slide a little in the last Phase but will ensure complete attention to daily mobility. The structure of my schedule for this Phase is a little different so extended mobility sessions may happen during the low/mod or high days. We’ll see how it pans out. The important thing (from my perspective) is that mobility is done daily.

I will primarily be doing Unbinding from 6 Degree Flow for the closed chain and a combo of Intu-Flow Clovers, Tacfit26 and Tacfit Fire Fighter for open chain. When the mood arises I'll also borrow from Primal Stress, which has fantastic closed chain mobility drills.

Further Info: 

Tacfit Fire Fighter
Primal Stress


Low - Low Intensity

Low Intensity Training - I can’t wait to start flow number 2 from 6 Degree Flow. I have gained so much confidence within this realm that my belief is that this phase will be beautiful. The opening of the body in Phase 1 will absolutely translate into increased performance during Phase 2 (in my opinion).

Phase 1 - Roll and Sway - Completed

Phase 2 - Pitch and Surge - Next on the list :)

Phase 3 - Yaw and Heave

Further Info: 

Six Degree Flow -


Phase 2 will be a pretty intense schedule for me (in comparison to my training schedules over the last year or so) but it is time to up the ante. I aim to follow the schedule for 6 weeks, followed by at least a week of ‘unloading’ with recovery training (mobility and compensations).

Because Tacfit (and CST) really hit home the use of intuition, I am confident with monitoring work and recovery levels and am not frightened to dial it back where necessary. If I need to replace a mod day with recovery I am happy to do it.

My ego is no longer invited to my training sessions!

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Note 2: Sometimes I will provide details about a training program but only details that have been put into the public domain by the program creators.

"Clubbell 5x5:  Six Degree of Strength. Welcome to my world!"

Alberto Gallazzi

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