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Undertaken 16th March 2015 - 27th April 2015
Three-Dimensional Functional Fitness
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I have been an unqualified Clubbell Athlete for about two years (Tacfit Athlete for 2.5 years). My first experience with these amazing fitness tools was when I undertook Tacfit: King of Clubs. My first training session (with a non-official Clubbell) was a joke! A great place to start as the only way was up! A year later and armed with beautiful Tacfit Clubbells and a major improvement in technique I was well on the way to becoming pretty proficient.

Initally 15lb Clubbells were difficult to manage but now I am playing with The Bruiser (45lbs), which used to be a distant dream! Ahhhh, the joys of progress.

I have also created my own Clubbell training programs (The Clubbell Swing Challenge and ClubFit) and LOVE every minute I spend with the Clubbell. OK, that last bit was a lie! Some of the movements make me curse but I diligently stick with the movements I don't enjoy to become a better me.

I have now had the chance to absorb, experience and internalise the Clubbell Athlete program.......Please see below for more info. 


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BAD45 - Overview

The Clubbell Transformed Fitness as the World's Oldest and Original Strength and Conditioning Modality!

As the "Go-to" equipment for thousands around the world to create functional, vascular muscle development in three dimensions, and having invaded 33 countries, trainers and members have demanded comprehensive Clubbell workouts to implement this revolutionary approach to exercise.

How Does The Clubbell Athlete Solve the 3 Greatest Problems People Face in Fitness...........? (see web link below to official site)

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Clubbell Athlete

24th April 2015 - Today is my last resisted training session. This will be followed by two days of recovery and a complete day of rest (as per the calendar).

I'll dive straight into the positives and opposites!

The Positives:

1. Introduction to diverse Clubbell movements.
2. Great training protocol.
3. Good solid programs for the recovery days.
4. Nice separation of movements to suit particular areas (pulling, pushing, core etc). I found this particularly useful.
5. Great price.

The Neutral:

1. No dedicated warm up or cool downs. This surprised me as CST/Tacfit is so clear about the need for specific WU/CDs. It wasn't a problem for me as I have been doing it long enough to come up with my own.
2. It wasn't clear to me what intensity level each training session should be. I believe I figured it out correctly (and to be fair the superb support team at RMAX are only a 'click away').


This is another great offering from Scott Sonnon and RMAX. It didn't, however, set my world on fire. This is more to do with where I am at with my fitness rather than a flaw with the product. The me of 6 months ago would probably be raving about it but the me of today is a different animal. Clubbell Athlete has taught me a lot about specific clubbell movements and the kinetic chains they stress. I will be using this information and some of the movements to create programs specifically targetted at my needs. The good thing is that I truly believe that Scott Sonnon would whole-heartedly encourage the use of personal intuition (once a level of proficiency is attained), which is why I am a strong advocate of Tacfit and CST. After following both for 2 and a half years I feel I have the proficiency required to use intuition.

This program is a great introduction to the world of Clubbell Athletics. I LOVED 2 of the training sessions with a Capital L-O-V-E and even repeated one of them twice (lateral training sessions). I would give this program one-and-a-half thumbs up and would possible steer would-be Clubbell Athletes to Tacfit: King of Clubs (dependent on their individual training goals)

24th May 2015 - To expand on the above I see Tacfit King of Clubs more as a strength / strength endurance program and Clubbell Athlete more as an 'all-round' fitness program (not even gonna try to explain my definition of all-round fitness but you can come to your own conclusions). Due to the programming both will burn fat and build muscle. My gut feeling is that King of Clubs will burn more fat and build more muscle but as with all of these things it will depend on different factors (fitness level of would-be-athlete, weight used etc). I would say Clubbell Athlete would be more suited to those new to Clubbell training. If money is not an issue....

1. Start with Clubbell Athlete (Intro to Clubbell Athletics)

2. Progress to Tacfit King of Clubs (If strength/strength endurance* is your goal).....or....

3. Get Clubbell 5x5 (if strength is the focus)

4. Buy the lot. I did and am a happy chappy!

:) Enjoy........



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