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I first became aware of Josh Henkin and DVRT/Ultimate Sandbag Fitness in February 2015 while listening to the following podcast from Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan:

After listening to the podcast my interest in sandbag training escalated. This was further compounded by an intense fascination with the DVRT System. I bought the DVRT book and devoured it! (

What a great read. Highly recommended and refreshing to have the 'Whys' explained as well as the 'Whats'. I love Josh's transparency.

I currently have training equipment coming out of my ears, so before making a firm financial commitment to purchasing a sandbag, I took advantage of the myriad free resources (YouTube, Blog, Newsletter) that Josh Henkin provides to learn more. Wow! This guy is generous.

Using an old bag that I had lying around I filled it with sand and undertook the following training sessions:

1. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout 1 ( - Undertook twice

2. 15 Minute Full Body Blast ( - Undertook 4 times.

My experience, coupled with Josh's generosity in proving in-depth information sold me on the DVRT system and the Ultimate Sandbag. I placed an order for the Strength USB and am eagerly awaiting delivery......Will provide further updates laters!........methinks it will be fantastic :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although I made my own sandbag to 'have a go', I have no interest in 'manufacturing' one for ongoing use. The me of old may have gone down the self-made route but the current me places a high value on my personal fitness (and safety). I am 1000% confident that the USB will meet these requirements, and more. Safety is very important as well because the USB will stop my wife from killing me due to trailing sand all over our clean home!!!! Time for the test bag to be retired :)


The following has been taken from the official web site for ULTIMATE SANDBAG FITNESS. 

Ultimate Sandbag Fitness

The Most Durable Fitness Sandbag....The Ultimate Sandbag™!

Why is The Ultimate Sandbag The Most Durable Fitness Sandbags Available?

Created by a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach with over 20 years in the fitness industry. The Ultimate Sandbag is meant to meet ANY demand!

Read more by clicking on the link below...

Further Info: More information about DVRT and ULTIMATE SANDBAG FITNESS can be found at the official web site:

This link is a direct link, not an affiliate link.



Josh Henkin

25th April 2015 - This is an addition to the above whereby I will give further thoughts to the DVRT system and my experience with the Ultimate Sandbag. More info to follow.....

28th April 2015 - I received my new shiny USB today. I was so excited. Delivery was super fast (6 days from the US to China). 

The quality of the product is superb with a capital 'S'. It would not be fair for me to make direct comparisons with other bags as I have not seen many competitor's sandbag in the flesh....but life is not fair ;)..... I get the impression that this is probably the best sandbag in the market. The package consisted of the following:

  • 1 x Ultimate Sandbag
  • 2 x 20-40lb Filler Bags
  • DVD
  • Booklet
  • Wall Chart
  • Care Guide


DVRT USB PackageMy Strength Package

The entire package arrived in a very well presented branded box. A beautiful package indeed. The bag I received was a new updated version. Not what I was expecting, but I have benefitted by receiving the next generation of sandbag :) 

Old and New Design 

New Designs
The updates that have been to the USB are as follows:

  • Most of the webbing moved to the inside of the bag to reduce friction.
  • Closure on the outside of the bag changed to velcro (again to minimise friction).
  • Colour-coding to easily identify the different types of bags.
  • Label depicting logo replaced with a larger colour coded 'Ultimate Sandbag' badge.

All makes perfect sense and shows a company that is not interested in stagnating. Much respect.

After filling the bag (super easy) I couldn't stop myself from doing a training session, even though it was my recovery day. It was wonderful. Loved every minute of it. 

In summary, I think the USB is a wonderful product. I am so looking forward to incorporating it into my training and am confident that it will last many years due to the superb quality of the product. I would 100% recommend the product and the company. Customer services have also been fantastic with answering questions and get three thumbs up :)

Many thanks, USB :)

29th April 2015 - I can't stop 'playing' with my new 'functional toy'! My training area is in the living room (don't ask!) and every time I have walked past today I've done a clean or few. Must have done about 15 so far today! 

I want to say it again because it deserves it. The USB is superb. The quality or workmanship and the feel, durability, versatility and every other 'ily' that you can think of is fantastic. I am so happy and think everyone should have one! This product is the most that I have spent on a single training item and it is money very well spent.

Props to Josh and team.........

3rd May 2015 - Still loving my little plays with the USB. My current training does not include any sandbag work (bodyweight, pullup bar, plyo box and Clubbell) but the next phase wil 100% have sandbag work incorporatedl :) I am doing different types of clean and deadlifts as I walk past my training area and am really enjoying the experimentation. 

There is an important point that I want to make with regard to DVRT, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Josh Henkin. We live in an information era and it is easy to take for granted the volume of info that is freely available. After absorbing much of the information from Josh Henkin I see a man who is offering from the heart. I admire his generosity. There are over 600 YouTube videos, countless quality Blog posts, regular newsletters and a sincerity to help people to become better. A cool dude in my book.

4th May 2015 - Over the last few days I have assimilated much of what (I perceive) DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag Training is all about. My personal conclusion is that the system is genius. I don't use such words lightly but I say it as I see it. DVRT will feature heavily in my future training. Can't wait :)

6th May 2015 - Was walking past my USB and thought about doing a quick clean or rotational lunge....but I stopped. I looked at the bag. The bag looked at me. As my eyes squinted in readiness for battle the Clean and Press Challenge manifested in my gray matter. Hmmmmmmmmm....."Let's do it".

After a quick Clubbell warmup (Mills progressing from 5lbs t 20lbs) and a few Spinal Waves I set my timer and began the challenge.......................

This was going to be an interesting challenge for me. Until I started playing with sandbags a couple of weeks back I had never done Olympic-style lifts before. I had done some single arm Clubbell and Kettlebell Cleans but nothing consistently. I can also count on three fingers how many times I have used a barbell. Cool. Makes the challenge more interesting.

Currently I am 165lbs so fit into the following category:

Men under 170 pounds: 60 pound Strength USB for 50 repetitions

The first 10 reps were cool as you like and allowed me 18 seconds of rest before commencing minute number 2. My strategy was to try and follow an EMOTM (Every Minute On The Minute) protocol. The first minute lulled me into a false sense of security.

The second minute became tough during the latter half. All thoughts of EMOTM became a distant memory!

Minute 3 and the inaccurate Cleans began :) A mist settled on my mind and clouded breathing and focus.

I stopped for 10 seconds to regain composure and poise. Recovered breath and clear focus paved the way for a 'flow-type' minute and a half, Nice!

The 5 minutes were up and I had a score of 38. The inaccurate Cleans 'cost' me about 5 reps and I learned a lot about composure to ensure consistent accuracy.  All presses were 'strict' presses with zero push presses. That surprised me as my upper body strength is still work in progress. I was over the moon. A 60lb Strength USB. No prior preparation and going in 'cold'. 

This challenge is fantastic. What I particularly like about it is that it is only 5 minutes. A true example of quality over quantity both in terms of assessing performance and what the challenge offers by way of attribute development when one undertakes preparation. I look forward to developing technique and work capacity for this great test.

25th May 2015 - Passed the Clean and Press Challenge. Details HERE


Here my ongoing logs will end. I will continue in the Training Log section of my web site. DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag training will be incorporated into my future training. You can also see my personal DVRT scores for the programs that I undertake. Happy training :)  


*USB = Ultimate Sandbag


Note 1: None of the external links on this page or throughout this web site are affiliate links. I provide links to give access to further information about the training I undertake. I have absolutely nothing against affiliate links but I don't personally run any.  

Note 2: Sometimes I will provide details about a training program but only details that have been put into the public domain by the program creators.



"You can’t stop bad things from happening but you can control how you react to them.."

Josh Henkin
(paraphrasing a quote from a book he read. This quote resonated with me a lot)

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