Hormone Optimisation Course

My Thoughts

This is a great course for anyone seriously interested in Hormone Optimisation. There is a lot of great information and I have personally got a lot out of the course. I'm currently on my fourth listen!

The course also comes with notes for each lecture.

Mike Mahler demonstrates a wealth of knowledge within this fascinating field of health optimisation and is a pleasure to listen to. The material discussed goes way beyond the 'basic' information that Mike provides in his various online interviews and offers the next step in the hormonal balance pathway.

As with anything worth pursuing in life, due diligence has to be done. There is a LOT of great information in the course but you will need to take the time to absorb it. The first time that I listened to the course much of the information flew over my head due to my lack of understanding of hormones. After developing a reasonable working knowledge of endocrinology I completely understand everything that Mike is talking about. His approach is methodical and fluff-free and I really respect him for that. I get more with each listen and have started to take steps that I believe are right for me to enhance personal health. 

Highly recommended for anyone that has (or has developed) a basic understanding of how hormones work and is ready to go to the next level. The course is also great value for money.

Here is a link to Mike's free Hormonal Optimization articles on his web site: HERE.

Course Overview (Taken from official web site)

Do you wake up every morning full of energy ready to attack the day? Or do you need several cups of coffee to get the engine going? If you don't wake up full of real energy then you don't have an optimal hormone environment. If you want to be at your best for whatever comes your way in life you need an optimal hormone environment and Mike will show you how to improve your levels naturally with this 4-part series.

Hormones are bio-chemical messengers that have a tremendous impact on how we look and feel. To a large degree we are our hormones and we can either thrive with an optimal hormone environment or decline with a poor hormone environment.

The problem is that hormones decline slowly as we age and as a result we adapt to living with a poor hormone environment. Many people have forgotten what it is like to be in a thriving state. When you are in a thriving state, your sex drive and zeal for life are high and you look forward to new challenges. When you are in a declining state, you barely have enough energy to get through the day, have no sex drive, and do not get excited about anything. Forget about taking on new challenges as just getting out of bed in the morning and getting a good night of sleep is challenge enough!

The good news is that you can do something about it. It will require hard work on your part and discipline but it is well worth it. Nothing takes the place of being in a thriving state. Once you are in it, you never want to fall out of it again.

Hormone optimization is a rapidly growing field that people are starting to become very interested in. Whenever Mike talks about hormone optimization to anyone they immediately show a lot of interest and cannot stop asking questions. Mike has been professing the benefits of natural hormone optimization since 2004 and this 4-episode series is his most detailed and comprehensive material to date.

You will learn how to tweak your nutrition plan to optimize the main players in hormone optimization. You will learn which supplements work to increase testosterone, growth hormone, lower estrogen, and help with stress management. You will also learn what doesn't work so you don't have to waste your money and time being a guinea pig.

You do not create an optimal hormone environment naturally by doing one or two things correctly. You get there by doing several things correctly: proper nutrition, effective fitness regimen, mindset, restoration, supplementation, and lifestyle. This may sound like too much work in our quick fix pill popping society. However, if you are interested in more than just improving numbers on a piece of paper then this four week class is for you.

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There is also a great independent review HERE.

Hormone Optimization

Mike Mahler is a strength trainer and hormone optimization researcher based in Las Vegas, NV. Mike has been in the fitness business for many years and has taught kettlebell/hormone optimization workshops all over the US and overseas. He is the author of Live Life Aggressively! What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You.

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