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After my semi-retirement speech, I met my commitment to undertaking the Clubbell Athlete program and then sat down today to put my money where my mouth was. With a clear idea I came up with a personal training program. It was geared towards my current ‘weaknesses’ and ensured maintenance of current ‘strengths’. The thought process was something like this:

“Right, Andy. You need to focus more on pulling and lat activation. The bent over rows from BAD45 and DVRT Sandbag training have been working really well but it is time to seriously incorporate pull ups. Your numbers increased when doing them as finishers during Clubbell 5x5 so let’s up the ante. Sorted. Pullups it is.

Next is pushing. Strength development here needs to be a focus too, especially overhead pressing. Maybe Kettlebell Military and/or push-press will be on the cards. The offset grip sandbag overhead press is also an option.

Lower body is STRONG. Maintain this but focus on developing your one-legged squats, which will also enhance balance and coordination. Cool.

Don’t forget to jump! My first set of box jumps (back in 2013) sent me to hospital but I’ve have come a long way since then. Maintain this (the jumps; not going to hospital!)with jump ups or jump-overs (start at about 45cm height).

The lateral line. A no-brainer. Clubbell Side Swing/Pendulum/Swipe etc etc. Also addresses lateral hip-hinge/root and snap.


Horizontal push-type? Flag presses? Push-ups? Not sure. Add a blank space on the program sheet and make a decision later.

I proudly looked at my program and basked in the success of my personal achievement. I then paused and looked again. Wait a minute. I know this program!  A double-take and then a laugh out loud. This is the original 4x7 program (Magic In The Mundane).

I purchased the 4x7 DVD set in 2013/2014 from Amazon. I always wanted to own it but could never justify the $200 dollar price tag (especially after all my other Tacfit/CST purchases). I was delighted when I picked up a second hand copy from Amazon for about $80. In true ‘want more than I need style’ I watched it, enjoyed it and put it with the rest of my DVD collection!

Ah, the irony. Had I subconsciously recalled the program? Did this prove I was further down the road of my CST/Tacfit journey? Who knows, but all credit goes to Scott Sonnon and RMAX.

After writing my program today I recalled the DVD and devoured it a second time. I forgot how good it actually was. It would be wrong for me to divulge the program contents but I couldn’t help but laugh at the similarities between the 4x7 program and what I had compiled for myself. Coach Sonnon’s version was way better and incorporated a horizontal push motion that was genius.

I have decided to follow the 4x7 program and will devise a 3 month strategy, which will incorporate Clubbell 5x5 and DVRT Sandbag Training. This phase of training will last 3 months. Afterwards I am planning on revisiting Tacfit26. I paused it in March 2014 to undertake Tacfit Firefighter: First Alarm and new RMAX offerings and am keen to progress from Level 2 to Level 4.

I won’t be writing a daily log or anything but will post personal results along with the other programs HERE for any interested peeps.


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"If a person trains long enough AND pays attention to their intuition on their recovery, they will arrive at this schedule. It’s encoded in our genes!"

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