Reboot Your Running Form

REBOOT YOUR RUNNING FORM - A Program by Samuel Stow

Commenced 12th August 2019
Becoming a Better Runner
Beta Tester




Reboot Your Running FormOne sunny Thursday morning in August I was doing a religious check of the Facebook groups I have joined (all four of them!), when I saw an interesting post by a gentleman called Sam Stow.

He was looking for beta testers for an online 'running form' program that he had developed.

Initially I wasn’t sure whether to apply. I was in the middle of a specific phase of training and had put running form further down my list of priorities. Sam’s responses, however, to the mandatory ‘challenges’ (a.k.a. loaded questions), that are prevalent during the Internet these days, told me that this was a genuine person offering something with passion.

With a mixture of trust and curiosity, I decided to apply.

Boy... Am I glad that I did.

Reboot Your Running Form
21st August 2019. I'm currently in Week 2 of the 4 Week Course. Further details to follow upon completion...


The Course
Reboot Your Running FormI will not be divulging specific details of the course out of respect for the work Sam has put into it, but will give an overview of my experience.








When course has finished :)










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"....'Advanced' is making 'Simple' look easy....!"

August 2019