Tacfit King of Clubs - An Ancient Tool For A Modern Athlete

Tacfit King of Clubs


20th February 2013 to 18th March 2013 - Level 1 completed
8kg/17.6lb Clubbell.

21st October 2013 to 16th December 2013 - Levels 1 to 4.
10kg/22lb to 15kg/33lb Clubbells.

Sporadically when the mood arises. I LOVE this program.

TACFIT King of Clubs (KOC) is Scott Sonnon's "program minimum for maximum power" using his patented Clubbells. Culling from his history as a world champion grappler, he selected the "biggest muscle bang for your energy buck" club swinging exercises from wrestling and martial art traditions around the world: Russian bulava, Persian meel, and Indian gada.

This TACFIT course gives you fight-muscle with the “King” of all clubbell exercises in just 20 minutes.

Official Web Site: HERE.
Article about Clubbells inc. video demo of King of Clubs: HERE.

My Thoughts

I LOVE this program. It was the first Clubbell training that I undertook and is my ‘go to’ program for when I want to revisit Clubbell work if I have time away from them.

I believe this to be a great introduction into the world of Clubbell training and the incremental nature of this (and all Tacfit) programs will not overwhelm the trainee.

In my opinion 2-handed (heavy) training is the way to go for strength and muscle. This does not mean that double Clubbell work (one Clubbell in each hand) cannot achieve these goals, but I see 2-Handed work as the quickest way to get there. It also means less outlay as only one Clubbell is required.

I started off with an 8kg (17.6lb) and even at what many will deem to be a relatively light weight found it challenging. Due to the nature of the protocol there is a cardio element and if one is new to Clubbell training a ‘getting to know’ the movements period. This would make me recommend starting with a lighter weight initially. I am now up to a 15kg (33lb) Clubbell with designs on the Bruiser (20kg/44lbs) in the near future. It is important to ensure the body is safely opened up so focus on lighter weights and intelligent baby-steps will ensure what I call safe longevity-training.

Scott Sonnon is the creator of the program and his instruction is excellent (as always). In true Tacfit style there are also comprehensive warm up (mobility) and cool down (compensation/tension release) programs included. I highly recommend this program for the would-be Clubbell Athlete.

To strike a balance I have given consideration to any potential negatives about the program and I can’t think of any. In all honesty I always find it hard to find anything negative about Scott Sonnon’s programs.  The only thing that I can think of is that there is an element of due diligence involved to get to know and understand the program. It has been intelligently put together and requires time to get to know it.

This is not a slight on the program but an observation that IN GENERAL people want quick solutions to long-term issues. To those people I say “STOP!. Absorb the manual. Watch the videos. Do it and internalise it. Put in a little extra time and the rewards will be substantial.”

A great program.

My Data

The following are details of the workouts that I actually recorded. I have probably undertaken a further 20 0r 30 that I did not make any records.  

  Cycle Date Mod Program Score Average RPE H/R RPT Weight(s) Max  
      High      Heart Rate   RPE     Heart Rate  
  1 20/2/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 199 141 6.8 7.92 5.60 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  2 24/2/2014 M King of Clubs - Delta 197 136 6.8 7.64 6.60 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  3 28/2/2014 M King of Clubs - Delta 191 134 6.9 7.53 7.80 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  4 4/3/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 194 136 7.2 7.64 7.20 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  5 8/3/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 205 132 6.5 7.42 7.40 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  6 13/3/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 193 142 7 7.98 7.30 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  7 17/3/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 198 137 6.7 7.70 7.40 8kg / 17.6lbs  
  21/10/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 128 150  
  22/10/2013 H King of Clubs - Delta 135 162  
  25/10/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 114 155  
  29/10/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 107 158  
  30/10/2013 H King of Clubs - Gamma  114 10kg / 22lbs 153  
  7/11/2013 H King of Clubs - Gamma  126 10kg / 22lbs 159  
  11/11/2013 H King of Clubs - Gamma 100 12kg / 26.4lbs 153  
  14/11/2013 M King of Clubs - Delta 120 15kg / 33lbs 158  
  15/11/2013 H King of Clubs - Gamma 115 15kg / 33lbs 154  
  18/11/2013 M King of Clubs - Gamma 133 15kg / 33lbs 158  
  26/11/2013 M King of Clubs - Gamma  103 15kg / 33lbs 149  
  27/11/2013 H King of Clubs - Beta 130 15kg / 33lbs 153  
  12/12/2013 M King of Clubs - Beta 139 15kg / 33lbs 161  
  16/12/2013 M King of Clubs - Alpha n/k 12kg / 26.4lbs n/k  

Personal Training Scores


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