Tacfit26 - The Era Of The Machine Ends!



15th October 2013 to 12th October 2014 - Level 1 completed.
20th March 2014 to 22nd April 2014 - Level 2 Alpha to Hotel.
Displaced to undertake Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm.

TACFIT 26 is a 26 Workout Course designed for at-home "Box Gyms". It's 26 unique twenty-minute workouts ("Alpha" to "Zulu") apply the TACFIT signature of incrementally scaled levels, four for each program, from beginner to advanced, making it accessible for all levels of fitness. The exercises are performed with kettlebells, medicine balls, pullup bars, rings or straps, boxes, sandbags and clubbells, as well as bodyweight exercises. TACFIT 26 is a "small box" gym that can be taken anywhere and installed with zero effort and minimal space.

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My Thoughts

Wow! Where do I start? This program is just magic on so many levels. If you read my in-depth review of Tacfit Fire Fighter (HERE), you will get a clear picture of my opinions about this program as they are similar.

I am a Tacfit Athlete. This is a title that I have proudly bestowed on myself. When I started training for health and fitness my goals were the norm; build muscle, burn fat, be stronger blah-de-blah. Now that I have personally reached and exceeded those goals my primary focus is to be a proficient Tacfit Athlete. Why? Because I believe in the program and know that if I excel at it I will obtain the following attributes as by-products of my larger goal:

  • Fluid movement
  • Grace and poise
  • Great posture
  • Strength, power, speed and increased work capacity through all ranges of motion
  • Movement though all ranges of motion
  • The ability to generate selective tension
  • Increased ability to recover from stress
  • Be motivated to train and know I can train injury free for life.

Quite a lot of stuff from one program! I can write the above with confidence because I have achieved all of them and will keep improving on them in years to come.

I have a lot more to say but no time at present………I'll keep adding thoughts until it is complete :)

The number one benefit that I get from this wonderful system is that of recovery. One of the goals within each training session is to recover to usable technique. It teaches us to reduce our heart rate so that we can regain efficient coginitive function. I didn't realise at the time but this is the thing that entice me the most and something that has transcended my training and impacted my personal and professional life.

I would regard myself as a regular guy. Sometimes over-sensitive, sometimes not sensitive enough! Just normal. Before Tacfit I travelled thought life and took the ups and downs as they came.................computer battery about to die. Will finish later!

Personal Training Scores


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