A New Journey - 13th October 2014


Monday 13th October
Bring The Flow
Get Out Of Its Way



A New Journey
Bring The Flow
Get Out Of Its Way!


The last 173 days of training have been amazing. I loved the good, bad and neutral times! Or in my map of the world; the great, growing and balanced times! It was an honour and a blast!

As Nelly Furtado said, "Why do all good things come to and end?" The great thing about this type of training is that the good things don't come to an end, only that particular journey. Even the journey is not the end, but a pause while one consolidates the attributes developed, shores up identified leakages in performance, refines everything and then continues along the pathway a better person than before.

Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm was just fantastic. I displaced my Tacfit26 training to undertake it and climbed very big mountains. I will be returning to Tacfit26 in the future but something really interesting happened near the end of First Alarm. Something that caught me off guard and displaced my immediate training plans.

I read a forum post about 4 weeks ago that I deemed both judgementally presumptuous and subtly offensive. It really pi$&ed me off. The initial anger became fuel for creative thought and more importantly a realisation. Within a very short period of time I had re-evaluated my current training knowledge/approach and began to understand that I had assimilated more than I had known. I felt that I was closer to the autonomy that I have been seeking. The result was a very clear picture for the future that included specific areas of focus to shore up potential weaknesses and aid performance within my chosen training/recreational pursuits. Previously the setting of training goals was done with uncertainty and over-thinking. This time round was calm, confident and correct :) 

The result is a program that incorporates the 4-Day Wave and targets areas for specific development while maintaining some of the attributes that I gained while undertaking Tacfit Fire Fighter. I am REALLY excited about it.

This new approach results in the shelving of Clubbell Mass Evolution, which was my original post-Fire Fighter training plan, but it I am making the right decision. Choosing to do Mass Evolution was based on a whim. Now I have a laser-focus for efficient personal progress. I am also eager to resume Tacfit26 and am really excited to undertake it after shoring up my current identified weaknesses. Future Tacfit training will be done by the 'better me' that will come later :)

My training log will also evolve into a cyclic event with updates every 4 days. I will consolidate the Mod, High, No, Low days into one log. This time round will be more data driven as opposed to in-depth thought processes. I feel that my log is evolving along with my physical evolution. 

I am not a pie-eyed in the sky, happy-clappy air don’t move type of person. I personally think every day is a ‘fight’ (metaphorically). I do, however, firmly believe that there is positive in almost everything. Or more accurately, positive (thoughts/actions) can be drawn from almost everything. The original negative communication, which has now faded into a distant memory, has manifested into something quite exciting. 

A small shift in focus can have dramatic results. I share this personal experience because the old me would have reacted VERY differently and to no one’s benefit. I believe that it is through intelligent physical training that so much more can be gained (mentally and emotionally). I have personally benefitted from such an approach. 

Bring on the next stage of evolution.........