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BAD45 - Hormonal Optimisation

1st January 2015
Mass Calendar



For previous programs, I created individual training logs based on each 'Day' or 'Cycle'. As I evolve with my training so do my training logs. This time round I have refined the information that I will be recording and am presenting it on one page as follows:

1. DATA - scores, intuitive training results and heart rates.

2. TRAINING DIARY - Brief notes/observations for each training session presented on a day-by-day basis.

This means that everything related to BAD45 training will be just on the one page. I have created a second page called 'Further Training', which will include details of any training that I do, which is separate to BAD45. Link HERE. (last updated on the 15th Jan 2015).

Full details of this current stage of training can be found HERE.

DATA is immediately below.

Click HERE to go to the TRAINING DIARY at the bottom of the screen


  BAD45 - Pre-Program Prep - December 2014  
BAD45 Data

  Day Date Workout Name Lowest Reps RPT RPE RPD MAX AVG REC - 1 min  
  0 9/12/2014 1 1BW5 77 8 7 3 156 136 n/k  
  9/12/2014 2 6D Matrix n/a 7.5 6 2.5 131 105 n/k  
  12/12/2014 3 1BW4 45 8.5 7 3 159 134 n/k  
  22/12/2014 4 1BW5 79 8.5 7.5 2 155 139 n/k  
  BAD45 - Main Program - 1st January 2015 to ?  
BAD45 Data

  Day Date Workout Name Lowest Reps RPT RPE RPD MAX AVG REC - 1 min  
  1 1/1/2015 1 1R4X n/a 8.5 4.5 2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  1/1/2015 2 1BW5 87 8 6.5 2.5 156 133 153-133 1
  2 2/1/2015 3 1BW4 49 8.0 7.0 3.0 157 132 153-134 2
  2/1/2015 4 1DB5(-) 51 7.5 6.5 2.5 142 116 124-76 4
  3 3/1/2015 5 5DB4(+) 49 8.0 7.0 3.0 137 104 123-105 8
  3/1/2015 6 2DB4 49 8.0 7.0 3.0 145 116 136-111 7
  4 4/1/2015 7 1DB5 59 8.0 7.0 2.5 144 114 126-113 5
  4/1/2015 8 2R4X n/a 8.0 3.0 2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  5 5/1/2015 9 2BW5 89 8.0 7.0 3.5 148 120 131-126 1
  5/1/2015 10 2BW4 87 8.0 7.0 4.0 152 131 147 - 92 2
  6 6/1/2015 11 4DB5- 37 8.0 6.0 2.0 123 101 105-76 4
  6/1/2015 12 7DB4(+) 53 8.0 7.0 3.0 143 111 131-98 8
  7 7/1/2015 13 6DB4 53 8.0 7.0 3.5 136 114 120-78 7
  7/1/2015 14 2DB5 73 8.0 6.0 3.0 135 107 125-85 5
  8 8/1/2015 15 1R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 2.5 n/k n/k n/k 0
  8/1/2015 16 3BW5 73 8.0 7.5 3.0 151 135 151-102 1
  9 9/1/2015 17 3BW4 61 7.5 7.5 3.5 141 121 131-89 2
  9/1/2015 18 2DB5(-) 47 8.5 6.5 2.0 135 111 103-61 4
  10 10/1/2015 19 6DB4(+) 49 8.5 7.5 3.0 132 114 117-73 8
  10/1/2015 20 3DB4 51 8.5 7.5 2.5 147 119 133-96 7
  11 11/1/2015 21 3DB5 65 8.5 7.0 3.0 143 119 133-86 5
  11/1/2015 22 2R4X n/a 8.5 3.5 2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  12 12/1/2015 23 4BW5 79 8.5 7.5 3.0 149 127 119-100 1
  12/1/2015 24 6BW4 88 8.5 7.5 3.0 152 136 152-107 2
  13 13/1/2015 25 7DB5(-) 45 8.5 6.0 2.5 141 113 113-79 4
  13/1/2015 26 2DB4(+) 52 8.5 7.0 2.5 142 118 132-82 8
  14 14/1/2015 27  4DB4 36 8.0 6.5 2.0 140 121 131-83 7
  14/1/2015 28 4DB5 50 8.5 6.5 2.5 146 126 142-92 5
  15 15/1/2015 29 1R4X n/a 8.5 3.5  2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  15/1/2015 30 5BW5 103 8.0 8.0 3.0 155 138 151-133 1
  16 16/1/2015 31 4BW4 66 8.5 7.0 3.5 149 129 141-105 2
  16/1/2015 32 5DB5(-) 47 8.5 6.0 3.0 132 103 113-83 4
  17 17/1/2015 33 1DB4(+) 52 8.5 6.5 3.0 131 112 124-75 8
  17/1/2015 34 7DB4  44 8.5 6.5 3.0 139 113 134-88 7
  18 18/1/2015 35 5DB5  53 8.0 6.5 3.0 138 112 129-86 5
  18/1/2015 36 2R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 3.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  19 19/1/2015 37 1BW5 84 8.5 6.5 3.0 142 118 125-91 1
  19/1/2015 DS Mobility  20 mins 9.0 1.0 2.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS  20/1/2015 DS Mobility 7 mins 9.0 1.0 2.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  20/1/2015 DS Mobility 10 mins 9.0 1.0 2.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  19 21/1/2015 DS Mobility 24 mins 9.0 1.0 2.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  21/1/2015 38 5BW4 50 8.0 7.0 3.0 152 127 152-95 2
  20 22/1/2015 39 6DB5(-) 50 8.0 6.5 3.0 140 113 115-75 4
  22/1/2015 DS Nothing! All evening! 10 0 0 :) n/a n/a 0
  20 23/1/2015 DS Mobility 30 minutes 10 2.0 1.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  23/1/2015 40 3DB4(+) 30 7.5 8.0 3.0 144 126 137-96 8
  21 24/1/2015 41 5DB4 44 9.0 6.0 3.0 126 105 121-75 7
  24/1/2015 42 6DB5 43 8.5 6.0 3.0 136 107 130-76 5
  22 25/1/2012 43 2R4X (oops!) n/a 8.5 3.0 2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
  25/1/2015 44 2BW5 94 9.0 6.5 3.5 150 128 140-99 1
  23  26/1/2015 45 1BW4 51 8.5 6.5 3.0 144 121 135-99 2
  26/1/2015 46 3DB5(-) 45 8.0 6.0 3.0 148 117 124-84 4
  24 27/1/2015 47 4DB4(+) 38 8.0 6.5 3.0 137 119 134-89 8
  27/1/2015 48 1DB4 58 8.5 6.0 2.0 140 115 141-93 7
  25 28/1/2015 49 7DB5 67 8.0 6.5 3.0 146 123 133-91 5
  28/1/2015 50 1R4X  n/a 8.5 3.0 2.0 n/k n/k n/k 0
   DS 29/1/2015 DS Mobility  6 mins 9.0 1.5 1.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  29/1/2015 DS Nothing! All evening n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 30/1/2015 DS 10minATP 10 minutes 8.0 4.0 3.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  30/1/2015 DS 6D Flows 20 minutes 8.5 4.0 3.0 n/a n/a n/a 0
  26 31/1/2015 51 3BW5 75 8.0 7.0 3.0 127 104 125-70 1
  31/1/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 01/2/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  01/2/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 02/2/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  02/2/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  26 03/2/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  03/2/2015 52 2BW4 88 8.5 6.5 3.0
152 131 148-94 2
  27 04/2/2015 53 1DB5(-) 54 8.0 6.0 3.0 133 110 109-73 4
  04/2/2015 54 5DB4(+) 51 8.5 6.5 3.0 127 104 122-78 8
  28 05/2/2015 55 2DB4 51 8.0 6.5 3.0 143 116 134-81 7
  05/2/2015 56 8DB5 71 8.5 6.0 3.0 129 102 129-74 5
  29 06/2/2015 57 1R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 2.5 n/a n/a n/a 0
  06/2/2015 58 4BW5 90 8.0 7.0 3.0 157 132 153-104 1
  30 07/2/2015  59 3BW4 75 8.0 7.0 3.0 150 131 143-100 2
  07/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 08/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  08/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 09/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  09/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 10/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  10/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  30 11/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  11/02/2015 60 4DB5(-) 40 8.0 6.0 3.0 134 108 104-65 4
  31 12/02/2015 61 7DB4(+) 46 8.0 7.0 3.0 146 109 145-101 8
  12/02/2015 62 6DB4 55 8.5 6.5 3.0 152 129 132-92 7
  32 13/02/2015 63 9DB5 74 8.5 6.5 2.5 149 121 142-91 5
  13/02/2015 64 2R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 2.5 n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 14/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility  A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  14/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a  n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 15/02/2015 DS Basic Mobility  A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  15/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  33 16/02/2015 65 5BW5 106 7.5 7.5 3.0 159 140 148-107 1
  16/02/2015 Moved Do Tomorrow  See Below  n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  34 17/02/2015 66 6BW4 100 8.0 7.0 3.0 151 127 151-106 2
  17/02/2015 67 2DB5(-) 55 8.5 6.5 3.0 148 116 120-75 4
  17/02/2015 68 6DB4(+) 58 8.5 7.0 3.0 156 140 148-94 8
  DS 18/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  18/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  DS 19/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  19/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  35 20/02/2015 69 3DB4 49 8.5 7.0 2.5 153 133 149-105 7
  20/02/2015 70 10DB5 63 8.5 7.0 2.5 156 139 140-112 5
  36 21/02/2015 71 1R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 2.5 n/a n/a n/a 0
  21/02/2015 72 1BW5 95 8.5 7.0 2.5 153 133 149-103 1
  37 22/02/2015 73 4BW4 73 8.5 6.5 2.5 144 125 141-99 2
  22/02/2015 74 7DB5(-) 50 8.5 7.0 3.0 132 124 128-80 4
  38 23/02/2015 75 2DB4(+) 40 8.0 7.5 3.0 128 121 120-90 8
  23/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  39 24/02/2015 DS Mobility A few mins n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  24/02/2015 76 4DB4 42 8.5 6.5 2.5 121 98 121-82 7
  24/02/2015 77 11DB5 71 8.0 7.0 3.0 146 125 142-98 5
  24/02/2015 78 2R4X n/a 8.5 4.0 2.5 n/a n/a n/a 0
  40 25/02/2015 79 2BW5 112 8.5 6.5 3.0 147 125 141-97 1
  25/02/2015 80 5BW4 65 8.0 6.5 2.5 153 131 149-98 2
  DS 26/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  26/02/2015 DS Nothing n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0
  41 27/02/2015 81 5DB5(-) 49 8.0 6.5 3.0 145 129 125-94 4
  27/02/2015 82 1DB4(+) 45 8.0  7.0 3.0 152 136 133-92 8
  42 27/02/2015 83 7DB4 39 7.5 7.5 3.0 159 145 152-111 7
  27/02/2015 84 1DB5 45 8.0 7.5 3.0 163 147 148-104 5

*Re: Dumbbell movements that are unilateral with both sides being performed within the same round.
I am counting these as individual reps (1 side = 1 rep) as opposed to L+R = 1.

DS - Downshift. Replaced the BAD45 training session with generic recovery such as mobility or compensatory release.

Mobility and compensations are built into the program, however, I am adding additional mobility at the beginning of the morning session and doing all 3 6 Degree Flows slowly after the afternoon/evening session.




BAD45 - Day 1DAY 1 - Great start.

AM - 1R4X - Training was nice and loose.

PM - 1BW5 - Accidentally did 5 rounds instead of 4 during the PM training; D'oh! Will iron out the kinks. D'oh


BAD45 - Day 2DAY 2 - Sore, but fresh!

AM - 1BW4 - Slightly sore in the legs from yesterday but did not impeded performance. Very comfortable. Pacing myself to ease into the program. Don't fully understand how the intensity works (compared to Tacfit) but will do a couple of cycles (about 8 days) to see if experience yields an answer.

PM - 1DB5(-) - 2x20lb dumbbells. Starting out with 2 x 20lb dumbbells. These fellas are adjustable and BIG. (Link to Image HERE). Surprisingly good to work with, however. Very comfortable session. Focus is on TECHNIQUE as opposed to weight. The weight will come later ;)


BAD45 - Day 3DAY 3

AM - 5DB4(+) - 2x20lb dumbbells. This session brought back memories of my Clubbell 5x5 journey :) Great protocol for focusing on technique. Stayed with 20lb dumbells. Ego wants HEAVY but experience wants TECHNIQUE! Soreness in legs is not affecting performance, which is great. Before I may have not continued training and gone down the recovery road but my trust in Scott Sonnon's approach is 100% plus.

PM - 2DB4 - 2x20lb dumbbells. Felt restless and bored before the training session for no reason what-so-ever! Not interested in analysing it. It did, however, make me bring my PM training session forward by one hour and boy did it clear the cobwebs. Fine and dandy afterwards and ready to face the rest of the day. Super BAD!


BAD45 - Day 4DAY 4

AM - 1DB5 - 2x20lb dumbbells. Soreness in the legs (hamstrings) is easing up. Feel it should be gone by tonight or tomorrow. Solid session. 2 x 20lb Dumbbells. Comfortably challenging and perfect while I ease into this fascinating program.

PM - 2R4X - Super cool session. Minimal intensity compared to before and opened up the body nicely. Soreness in the hammies diminished as anticipated. Has been replaced with new ache in the glutes and quads from the resistance training but all is uber-cool. Me is liking this program.


BAD45 - Day 5DAY 5

AM - 2BW5 - Woke up feeling poop! Late night last night and sore in the shoulders from yesterday's dumbbell training. Took me 10 minutes to get up (which is very rare for me!). Decided to downshift by following the session as prescribed but easing up on intensity. Amazingly (or clever program-ly ;) the cobwebs dropped off after the first round and I was back in business. Over the moon with the transformation from zombie to energy machine. Look forward to the PM session. Slight discomfort in my left hip but will add additional recovery and monitor it.

PM - 2BW4 - Challenging but comfortable. Have an ache in my left thigh from this morning's session. Good comes out of bad as it taught me to recruit less tension in that area but still complete the movement. Hard to explain in words but was cool as you like. I know the ache is not an injury so can continue. 


BAD45 - Day 6DAY 6

AM - 4DB5(-) - 2x20lb dumbbells. Beautiful reprieve from leg work. Came at the perfect time for me due to ache in left thigh. Nearly gone and should be back 'n' bad for this evening's session. Really enjoying learning new movements with dumbbells. Miss my Clubbells, but they are patiently waiting.

PM - 7DB4(+) - 2x20lb dumbbells. Decision to start off with lighter bells has paid off. The volume of training is just enough for me. I originally considered the REFINED calendar but am pleased I listened to my intuition and not my ego. While I feel pretty darn 'fit', I'm not in that league just yet.


BAD45 - Day 7DAY 7

 AM - 6DB4 -2x20lb dumbbells.  Nice wake up session. Tightness in left groin after rear lunges but should clear up for the PM session.  

 PM - 2DB5 - 2x20lb dumbbells. I am writing this on the 9th Jan (Day 9) and can't remember the mental notes I took after the session! It was comfortable and technique is coming along nicely. I may increase weight in a cycle or 2 but am really enjoying technique development.


BAD45 - Day 8DAY 8

 AM - 1R4X - This was a beautiful session. Felt loose and had great exhales into the final positions. Bring on the endorphins!

 PM - 3BW5 - Nice session. Reluctant going in and fantastic coming out.  



BAD45 - Day 9DAY 9

 AM3BW4 - A great test of character. I didn't know the movements in advance of this session and the combination was tough, man! I was angry by round 2. By round 3 I smiled and accepted the challenge, which was hard but tranquil. Less reps but the reps I did were better quality. Loved this session. My legs may hate me later but I learned a valuable lesson this morning. 

 PM - 2DB5(-) - 2x25lb dumbbells. Laughing. Only replayed the video three times and thought 'Wow! That was quick. Checked scores and saw I'd only done 75% of the session! Quickly played catchup after an extended rest between round 3 and 4 of 2 minutes. Amazing how conscious thought can cloud over in the fog of controlled chaos!

Moved up to 2 x 25lb dumbbells. Feel technique has developed enough to increase resistance.They felt great and it is possible I may be able to move up to 30 lb fellas soon. 


BAD45 - Day 10DAY 10

 AM - 6DB4(+) - 2x25lb dumbbells. Loved this session. Really dialing in technique and beginning to master the art of selective tension (gripping the ground with the toes, keeping a light tailbone tuck etc). Has taken just over two years to get to this point and I am delighted to now be here.

 PM - 3DB4 - 2x25lb dumbbells. Today was the big test day! Left home at 5:30am after the morning training session and returned home at 6:30pm. How would I cope with a pm session? No problem. Nailed it. The short 20 minute sessions make this do-able at any time and it is beautiful. Raised my energy and made me feel great after a tiring day at work. Yeah! :)


BAD45 - Day 11DAY 11

 AM - 3DB5 - 2x25lb dumbbells. Side Note: Bought a Philips Wake-Up Light that simulates sunrise and sunset. Uses the iphone to set alarms etc. Today was the first time that I used it and it was pretty amazing. Link to Philips site ( Picked up mine second hand for £30.00. Look forward to experiencing it more! Felt refreshed this morning. Training started at 4.30am and performance was great. I keep thinking that my muscles are too 'delicate' after the previous session but I am constantly wrong :) I love being wrong ;)

PM - 2R4X - Just finished another 13 hour day. The progressive yoga was just the ticket. Lovely session.


BAD45 - Day 12DAY 12

 AM - 4BW5 -  I always feel crap on Monday mornings after the heavy working weekend. Today was no exception but the training session cleared up the crap nicely.

 PM - 6BW4. Only did it yesterday and can't remember my mental notes! Delighted with the development of upper body strength. This is my weak area and is coming along nicely. Was pretty gassed towards the end but good old Tacfit recovery came to the rescue and helped me finish strong.


BAD45 - Day 13DAY 13

 AM - 7DB5(-) - 2x25lb dumbbells. This session felt like a flow. Was beautiful. I sacrificed reps to focus intently on technique. This strategy paid off nicely.

 PM - 2DB4(+) - 2x25lb dumbbells. Good session. Technique focus.



BAD45 - Day 14DAY 14

 AM - 4DB4 - 2x25lb dumbbells. Getting withdrawal sysmptoms from lack of Clubbell use ;) Will stick with the Dumbbells as prescribed. Glad they are getting used. I bought them in 2012 when I knew nothing about fitness, used them for a month and then let them become heavy ornaments.

 PM - 4DB5 - 2x25lb dumbbells. Long day at work. No problem. 20 minutes and then 'Bam". All done. Woke me up and cleared out any excess stress from the day after doing 6DFlow. Ah...Life is not good. Life is GREAT :) Maybe go up in dumbbell weight for the next mini-cycle. We'll see.....


BAD45 - Day 15DAY 15

 AM - 1R4X - Beautiful. Breath was not synced as well as I would have liked but this 20 minutes just flowed. Had a wonderful sleep last night and my new Philips wake-up light is a Godsend. Bring on the PM training session.

 PM - 5BW5 - No idea why but something inside of me told me to 'go for it'. So I did! Got some great numbers (for me) but what I learned was more valuable than a number. Hmm. How to articulate it. Don't know. Let's just ramble. I am starting to develop a pattern of training within the min-cycles. I was not really aware of it before but yesterday highlighted it quite well. In the mornings I am more focused on technique. My numbers are lower but so is my energy (just woken up and all that jazz). I am super focused on nailing the movement patterns and the result is my numbers go down but my RPT (Rate of Perceived Technique) goes up. The evening is a different story. I have 'opened' up the body and in some cases primed it with the same or similar movement patterns. I can push harder and faster. The result is a slight reduction of RPT (about 0.5), which is ok in my book because of what I am starting to understand. I am starting to understand that technique can be developed using both of these methods. The slower more methodical approach is great but so is the 'learning movement in the fog of chaos'. This has happened to me a number of times but I never really assimilated it until this training session. On the jump lunge I was EXHAUSTED but felt I was going into a hypnotic-type state of flow. I let my body 'do it's thing' and as a result achieved optimal hip alignment to benefit from the elasticity needed to effortlessly jump back up. It was beautiful and is now firmly embedded in my grey matter!


BAD45 - Day 16DAY 16

 AM - 4BW4 - Wasn't sore this morning from my 'Going for it' last night but felt a little delicate. Focused on slow, smooth and controlled. Still achieved solid numbers, which was cool, but more importantly got the body ready for the loaded phase tonight. If only I knew then what I know now about true health and fitness ;)

 PM - 5DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Upping the ante and increasing dumbbell weight. Wanted to go to 27.5 but with the adjustable bells that I have it would mean an uneven weight. I don't want that due to the dynamic nature of the dumbbells movements within BAD45. This thought process resulted in going to 2 x 30lb, which was fine. Good training session and cleared the cobwebs after a 4 hour lecture that I undertaken during the day.


BAD45 - Day 17DAY 17

 AM - 1DB4(+) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Good solid trainng session at 4.30 this morning :) Gimme more! Weight is comfortable. Will probably do 2 min-cycles at this weight then go up to 2 x 40lbs.

PM - 7DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Tough day at work (mentally as opposed to physically). Played a few mental videos on the way home to justify not doing my training session. "Fatigue, exhausted and Andy, you need a rest" were the thoughts. My opposing thought was "Oh, piss off. I have the minerals to do the training session so just shut up!". Walked in the door and had a great training session :)


BAD45 - Day 18DAY 18

 AM - 5DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Up at 4.20am. Training, food, travel to work. Sunday's are my worst work days. I HATE where I work on Sunday but fortunately the other days of the week make it survivable. The training sessions prior to going to work really help clear the negatives from body and mind. All is cool. 

 PM - 2R4X - Found it hard to relax and exhale into the movements. I make this statement based on comparing previous performance. I feel my level is pretty 'advanced' (with zero arrogance in these words), and I my body was regressing to a lower level.


BAD45 - Day 19DAY 19

 AM - 1BW5 - This was tough, Man. Woke up at 4:20am. Focused on some lower body mobility and then got stuck into the session. Felt tight and a little achy. It was an "I've got a cold ach as opposed to tight muscles. I don't have a cold so don't know. The session made the body more loose and I got through it with good numbers. Focused on technique and felt the jump squats getting deeper on the hip pitch with greater elasticity in the return. Successful training session.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 19 - PM - Today (Monday) was the start of intensive work. I am usually pretty beat up by the end of the weekend but when I was travelling home after today's work I KNEW that I was exhausted. Hmmm. What to do? Why am I asking myself this question. I know that I want to do my training session but my body is telling me it is exhausted. I also felt a tightness in the left hamstring that was more than muscle ache. Not an injury but just delicate and calling for additional recovery. Bye bye ego, hello experienced trainee :) Go with recovery, specifically mobility. Got home, chilled out, did mobility and basked in the success of a great decision ;) 

Day 20 - AM - Had an AMAZING sleep and woke up loving the world. My body was still in a state of recovery so I did some mobility training with focus on the lower body. Felt good.

Day 20 - PM - Came home exhausted again. Knew what had to be done. Mobility :) I was going to continue with BAD45 this evening but knew I should keep the recovery going. Remember Andy, this is nearly the top level calendar in the program. Respect where you are at. I will do mobility tomorrow morning so that I can sync up the calendar (PM training) so that I can continue cleanly. I'll also keep the day numbers the same. Next training session will be DAY 19, PM Session.


BAD45 - Day 19DAY 19

 PM - 5BW4 - Good solid session after my two day recovery break. Felt hard but very manageable.




BAD45 - Day 20DAY 20

 AM - 6DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Another 4:20am rise. Got some mobility in and then dived into the training session. Was good. Felt the weight and lost a little technique but nothing serious. I was going to increase weight in a mini-cycle or two but have decided to really dial in the technique and see the reps increase before weight. So my strategy is technique, volume then weight. I think it is the best way for me.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 20 - PM - Exhausted again. the body is still getting used to this new work schedule. Ironically my sleep is beyond beautiful. I wake up at 4:00am loving the world and have a great day at work. This tells me that the exhaustion is positive and a message from my body (which is way wiser than I am!) to downshift. Planned to do mobility but this evening but did something that does not come naturally; absolutely nothing!!!!  

Day 21 - AM - Woke up at 5:20am (day off today). Could have done a BAD45 training session but it is the higheste intensity and I want to save it for this evening to ensure full strength activation. It is also a PM session on the Mass calendar and I want to stay true to the schedule. Did about 30 minutes of release/mobility. This is the first time that I have done this type of thing but I held each mobility pose for a count of 5 and then did 5 resp per side per drill. Felt great :)


BAD45 - Day 20DAY 20

 PM 3DB4(+) - 2x35lb dumbbells. Felt burly or stupid; not sure which! Went for 2 x 35lb dumbbells. Light for many, moderate-heavy for me :) Had a great training session. Challenged but not so much that it would compromise me for future training. Have to find the balance, Baby! All good.

While doing my compensation cool down consisting of all 3 flows from 6 Degree Flow I went to quickly into a movement on the second flow and stretched what I believe to be the end of my hamstring just beside the knee on the left leg. It is not serious but does feel a little tender. Did additional mobility and gently massaged it. Will monitor. Completely my fault. Had I gone into the movement with control this would not have happended. Lesson learned.


BAD45 - Day 21DAY 21

 AM - 5DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Returned to the lower weight. Last night's session was a welcome challenge. The stretch on my hamstring is better. Tool the training session gently and really dialed in technique. I've given myself a 9 for RPT (Rate of Perceived Technique), which I believe is the first time ever. Very happy and confident to rate myself so high as I could feel the internal mechanics (pelvic wall life, selective tension etc) as well as the perceived correct struture externally. I doubt I will ever give myself a 10 but maybe a 9.5 could be possible :)

 PM - 6DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Area behind knee still hurting. Had three instances where I felt sharp pain (kicking a door shut, slipping on the ice and on the bus after being thrown about (welcome to Chine!!! ;) I feel that it will correct itself in the next day or so. This is more intuition than wishful thinking. Have increased mobility and compensation movements. Tonight's training session was great. The knee thing did not affect performance and I felt zero pain or discomfort. i would have been prepared to stop of substitute movements but was not necessary. Made the movements deliberate and focused on technique. I am beginning to understand how to regulate intensity based on the type of training session for the day and also my body's ability to perform the session FOR THAT PARTICULAR DAY based on feelings/intuition/recovery levels etc. This knowledge feels good, Man!


BAD45 - Halfway


Ha ha. Halfway through the program. Where to begin? I do swear in life but I don't like to use the language when writing! This program is ______________(insert expletive) amazing! 

It has ticked boxes for me on so many levels. Let's just stick to bullet points:

  • Lost body fat (with zero loss of muscle mass) AND that was with an increase nutrient intake of around 3-500 calories per day (I don't count calories).
  • Developed a deeper understanding of biorhythm and intensity output.
  • Higher level of balance between work and recovery.
  • 'Harder' body (the hardest it's EVER been) with zero compromise on mobilty.
  • To extend on the above point denser musculature. I've not increased muscle mass in terms of weight but can see the difference in terms of density and reduced body fat.
  • Confidence (and a deeper understanding) of how to integrate other Tacfit and Clubbell work into this system.

There are more but I can't think at the moment! And all this after only 22 training days. I use the word 'training days' because it is actually 25 days. I incorporated additional mobility sessions to balance work and recovery. I secretly wanted to complete the full program with zero substitutes or additional recovery sessions but my ego no longer controls sound judgement within this area (still working on that one in other areas of life, but hey, baby steps!).

Tat about wraps it up. I am sure the second half will yield further insights. We'll see.......................


BAD45 - Day 22DAY 22

 AM - 2R4X (Should have been 1R4X. Will swithch next cycle) - Got up at 4:20am. Proceeded to do 2R4X. Discovered later that it should have been 1R4X! No problem. Was a great session. I remember the first time I did it and my RPE was high, Man. This flowed beautifully. Didn't get to a deep level of breath but was satisfied. Knee feels much better. I think it will be sorted by tonight or tomorrow.

 PM - 2BW5 - Terrible news today regarding work (job work, not workout work). Previously it would have pushed me over the edge but I have a high level of balance at the moment. Thank God I am doing this training program. Felt very grounded and dealt with the news well. I AM VERY HAPPY with progress with regard to hormonal balance. Cortisol levels must be in check. I have to say that the Philips Wake-Up light that I bought (see Day 11) is working wonders. Quality of sleep has dramatically increased. I use it to unwind prior to sleep (simulated sunset) and as a simulated sunrise in the morning with birds (no, not that kind ;) Still have a tiny discomfort behind my knee but is not affecting training or performance at all. Should be gone soon. Great session, especially after a crappy working day. I LOVE BAD45.


BAD45 - Day 23DAY 23

 AM - 1BW4 - Took it easy this morning. I can feel the adaptation. I took it easy today and got a score of 51 with a max heart rate of 144. On Day 1 I worked hard and got a score of 49 with a max heart rate or 157. Adaptation, Baby :)

 PM3DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Great session. I've adapted to my current workload (job work) and am no longer tired. I needed to downshift last week while adapting to a new schedule at work but all is now cool. Have energy. Good solid session.


BAD45 - Day 24DAY 24

 AM - 4DB4(+) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Nice Clover Mobility warm up prior to work. Great training session. Getting confident with the little nuances that enhance technique and performance. Very happy.

 PM - 1DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Good solid session. Felt strong and focused. I am still suffering about bad news at work but C'est la vie. Get over it, Andy. It ain't affecting performance within my training sessions, which I am sure is mopping up some of the stress :)


BAD45 - Day 25DAY 25

 AM - 7DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Felt a little sluggish but nothing too serius. I am really beginning to understand the difference between the AM and PM sessions (for me and my body type). I look back at my Tacfit26 journey last year (112 days) and understand how I could have achieved more had I incorporated PM sessions. Absolutely no regrets; just mindful observations. Wow! Only 17 days left. I can't wait to take this new knowledge and apply it to future training.

 PM - 1R4X (Should be 2R4X but I did it in the last mini-cycle by mistake). Beautiful session. Depth of breath came naturally. Very comfortable in the movements and confident as well. Great!


BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 26 - AM - Went to bed at about 9:00pm. Slept like a baby until midnight and got woken by my wife who wanted to ask me a question! Didn't get back to sleep until about 2:30am and then up at 4:20am! Could have done a training session but felt it was not the best thing to do. Did Clover Mobility instead. Felt good. I will do recovery this evening so that the next BAD45 training session falls on the AM as per the calendar. Will do 20 minutes of all 3 6D Flows.

Day 26 - PM - The plan was to do 20 minutes of 6D Flows but my wife picked me up after work and took me 50km via Taxi to a 5 Star hotel that has hot springs outside! Was a wonderful and unexpected surprise. We had a traditional Japanese dinner followed by a long bathe in the hot springs. The springs are actually outside with no roof. Body was lovely and warm and hair was starting to freeze in the winter cold! Was an amazing experience and a well needed alternative recovery after the terrible working week that I have endured. Needless to say the Flows didn't happen.

BAD45 - Downshift

Day 27 - AM - Did about 6 minutes of Scott Sonnon's 10minATP (Ab Training program followed by some BAD45 movements. Total training time was about 10 minutes. This was in the hotel room prior to another session in the hot springs.  

Day 27 - PM -  Back home and back to reality. Did about 7 minutes of 6D Flow warm ups followed by 1 circuit of FlowFit Level 2,3 and 4. Acted as a nice warm up to the 20 minutes of 6D Flows that I performed. Did 1 circuit of all 3 flows knitted together and kept repeating for the full 20 minutes. Was divine.


BAD45 - Day 26DAY 26

 AM - 3BW5 - I was going to write that this training session was 'awful' but that is just an illusion. Every training session is an experience and a test. Today was a test of mental toughness. I woke up this morning and felt weak. During my mobility session prior to training it became apparent that I was low on energy. My body felt 'floppy'! I think it may be due to the 6D Flows last night, which is great as the body is releasing. I started the session and pushed myself into the groove! Half way through I considered stopping and that it when I understood that today personal internal performance was more important than the numbers and comparatives with previous sessions. Yes I was weak but I was not injured or incapable. If my body was telling me that it could not do the session i would have stopped, but it was not my body talking to me demanding a cessation in training. This morning was very challenging but beautiful at the same time.


BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 26 - PM - I'm not really in a good place at the moment. The bad news at work has destroyed my spirit. I will bounce back but it will take a bit of time. Thank God I am doing this style of training at this particular time as I may have taken more drastic action at work. The training is keeping me balanced and able to look at the bigger picture of life as opposed to getting bogged down in the feelings of the moment (or the smaller pictures). Knew I wasn't going to do any training was I was travelling home and embraced the feeling. Don't push yourself, Andy. You know you can train. You love to train and now you know when to back off.


BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 27 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 27 - PM - Basic mobility



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 28 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 28 - PM - Basic mobility



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 29 - AM - Basic mobility.




BAD45 - Day 27DAY 26

 PM - 2BW4 - Got home from work, crashed on the bed watching endocrinology videos when I had this strong urge to do a training session. I had written off any training until maybe Wednesday or Thursday due to the mental place that I was currently in. This urge, however, was very strong. I jumped up, did some mobility and dived into the session. It was great and cleared many cobwebs. I am back! Did all 3 6D Flows and chilled out for the rest of the evening in a happy place; a lot happier than the last week or so. Clouds are lifting, Baby!


BAD45 - Day 28DAY 27

 AM - 1DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Yesterday's spontaneous training session has reignited the fire. Back to my old self and very happy. I say old self but I am a bit of a new self due to the lesson I learned from the last week. It is very rare for bad news to derail me and I can't remember the last time it happened to this level (maybe 10 years), but i have bounced back a lot quicker. I'm glad the last week happened as it has resulted in the development of further mental toughness.  

 PM - 5BD4(+) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Solid session. Felt a bit weaker after the last week or so of unsettled stuff. I'm sure it is psychological. After 5 minutes was back to my old self and got through the session quite nicely.


BAD45 - Day 28DAY 28

 AM - 2DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Prior to training my body felt 'worked' from yesterday. Hard to explain. I was a little sore but it was more of a 'pressure on the nervous system' feeling as opposed to muscular fatigue. I don't get this feeling often but I don't like it and like it at the same time! Go figure! I'm ready for this evening's session :)

 PM - 8DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Felt tired, beat up and sore. Decided not to do this evening's session. STOPPED. Then asked if my body was telling lies. Decided it was and did the training session. Cleared all the cobwebs. So glad I did it.


BAD45 - Day 29DAY 29

 AM - 1R4x - Nice comfortable session. Discomfort in left hamstring has almost gone. Very happy.

 PM - 4BW5 - Pretty amazed. 24 short hours ago I was beat up an nearly game over! After a beautiful progressive yoga recovery session this morning I absolutely nailed this session. Numbers went up and I had energy for more. I marked my RPT (Rate of perceived technique down by 0.5 as I felt I could have done better) but today was focus on numbers. Happy to sacrifice 0.5 on this occasion but won't make a habit of it.


BAD45 - Day 30DAY 30

 AM - 3BW4 - Up at 4:20am. Felt great. Great session. Ready for the day.25 more training sessions and BAD45 is complete. What to do next? Me thinks Tacfit in the morning and Clubbell work in the evening (after a week of quality recovery, of course ;)




BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 30 - PM - Nothing.




BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 31 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 31 - PM - Nothing.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 32 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 32 - PM - Nothing



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 33 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 33 - PM - Nothing



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 34 - AM - Basic mobility.

1 x downshift four days ago turned into an extended downshift. It was exactly what I needed. All was going swimmingly until I started an intense period of work, which involved getting up at 4:20am. That was do-able until I received the bad news that killed my spirit. I persevered and was doing ok but finally my body told me to downshift. I am convinced that I would have flowed through the entire calendar with minimal downshifts under different circumstances but that is irrelevant. This has been a wonderful test of mental toughness and is not over just yet. I feel blessed that I am doing this style of training (hormonal balance) at this specific time. All is super cool.


BAD45 - Day 30

DAY 30

 PM - 4DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Was interested to see how this session went after my 'long ;) ' break! Was surprisingly good. Enjoying further movement pattern acquisition.




BAD45 - Day 31DAY 31

 AM7DB4(+) - 2x30lb dumbbells. Was a bit of a rush this morning. Got up, no mobility and straight into the session. All was cool and I feel that I am back :)

 PM - 6DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Nice solid session. Comfortable, challenging and cobweb-clearing.



BAD45 - Day 32DAY 32

 AM - 9DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. During the 1st second of the start of the session I decided to 'take it easy'. Turned out to be a decision that I didn't stick to! Absolutely nailed it this morning and had the best session. Great technique. Great numbers. Great feeling. Yeah!

 AM - 2R4X - Nice body releasing session. Love the progressive yoga.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 31 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 31 - PM - Nothing.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 32 - AM - Basic mobility.

Day 32 - PM - Nothing


Coming to the end of a 3 week stint of 4:20am starts tot he day and work pressure. The exhaustion caught up with me so downshifting on the training has been the sensible thing to do. Had I been doing something like Tacfit26 whereby there were 4 waving days of NO, LOW, MOD and HIGH I would have been able to sustain the tempo of the program. But this ain't Tacfit26, Baby! This ia BAD45 and I'm doing the MASS Calendar. Downshifting was the correct thing to do and I can't wait to get back to training within this amazing program.



BAD45 - Day 33DAY 33

 AM - 5BW5 - Prior to starting I thought I would take it easy as I had taken a couple of recovery days. As soon as I started I could feel the power within. Immediately decided to go for cardio and numbers. Sacrificed technique a little but nailed it on the numbers. Of course I want the cake and the knife but today I was happy to let technique go down a tad (0.5) to achieve an alternative goal. One-offs are fine in my opinion as long as the bigger picture remains in place. Great session and the bext numbers (reps) to date. 

 PM - Originally planned to do this session mid-afternoon prior to going out for dinner but didn't happen. Decided to do 3 sessions tomorrow. I will get a taste of the REFINE calendar, which is three sessions per day :)


BAD45 - Day 34DAY 34

 AM - 6BW4 - Great solid session. Wanted to do session 2 immediately after session 1 but decided to do it mid-morning instead. Spread the love!

 PM1 - 2DB5(-) - 2x30lb dumbbells. I am writing this a few days after the training session and have a vague memory of it! Remember feeling tired.

 PM2 - 6DB4(+) - 2x30lb dumbbells. This session was straight after the previous one to play catch-up. I remember the desire to cut it short but knowing I had the ability and the minerals to complete it. Exhilarating.


BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 35 - AM - Nothing.

Day 35 - PM - Nothing.



BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 36 - AM - Nothing.

Day 36 - PM - Nothing


The last two days have been challenging. Woke up late (no work for a few days) and missed my training session. Decided to do a double in the evening. Got called out for a family lunch that finished at 9:00pm with beverages!!! Felt a little ill when I went to bed. Not hangover but run-down.

The next day woke up feeling terrible. Stayed in bed all day. By the evening I had a fever of 39 degrees. Tried to sweat it out  (always in favour of natural means before medicine) but had to resort to the medicine. Was swimming in bed throughout the night!

Woke up the next day in PERFECT health. Was somewhat surprised at the speed of recovery. Decided to do a double in the evening to ensure everything was coola-boola.


BAD45 - Day 35DAY 35

 PM1 - 10DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Great session. Nailed it.

 PM2 - 2DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Did this session straight after the previous. I can see the intelligent programming that makes this a wonderful program. Great session and I AM BACK. I hope to complete the next two mini-cycles with zero downshifts and maybe an increase in weight. We shall see.......



BAD45 - Day 36DAY 36

 PM1 - 1RX4 - Am writing this 4 days after and can't remember anything! I'm sure it was all good :)

 PM2 - 1BW5 - Same as above!



BAD45 - Day 37DAY 37

 AM - 4BW4 - Can't remember! Think it was tough but enjoyable!

 PM - 7DB5(-) - 2x20lb dumbbells for the Deadlift and Rear Lunge. 2 x 15kg barbell plates for the Bridge Press and Reverse Row (Changed Reverse Row to a standard row). It was interesting to do this session in a different environment with different equipment. My wife and I took two days out and went to an island hotel. The gym was spartan, empty and nice and cool! Training session was great. Felt alive and revived.



BAD45 - Day 38DAY 38

 AM - 2DB4(+) -2x20lb dumbbells for the Deadlift and Rear Lunge. 2 x 15kg barbell plates for the Bridge Press and Bent Over Row (Changed Bent Over Single Arm Row to a standard row).

This session became brutal! I completely lost gas in the Bridge Press and finally understood the intensity output of BAD45! Coming from a Tacfit background I never really got my head around the intensity aspect of BAD45 as I was looking at it from a heart rate perspective. I now understand that the intensity is related to muscular effort. I don't know the technical term but as long as I think I understand I am happy!

I was muscularly exhausted by the end and almost felt like my nervous system was exhausted, too. After breakfast I felt absolutely exhausted. Game Over, in fact! Hit the outside Hot Spring (water from 2400m below the earth - Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :), had a sauna and promptly went to bed for 2 hours! And it was still morning. Got up, had lunch, walked along the beach and went back to bed at 3.00pm listening to Podcasts!

Decided to skip the afternoon training session. Had dinner and was asleep by 9:00pm. Slept through until 8:00am the next morning. A much needed rest! 

BAD45 - Downshift

Day 38 - PM - Nothing. Details why above.




BAD45 - Downshift

Day 39 - AM - Mobility. Still felt tired so decided to skip the AM training session. Did some mobility later in the morning after we had returned home from our mini-break.




BAD45 - Day 39DAY 39

By 4:00pm I felt on top of the world again. Decided to do 2 sessions followed by a Latte in McDonalds and finish off with the final session. Everything flowed beautifully

PM1 - 4DB4 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Great session. Nice flow.

PM - 11DB5 - 2x30lb dumbbells. Had the energy to do this one immediately after the previous. All good.

PM - 2R4X - Nice flowing session. Really enjoyed it. Feel fully recovered from the last two days. 



BAD45 - Day 40DAY 40

 AM - 2BW5 - This session surprised me. I was going to take it easy because of the discomfort in my right calf. Began the session and had the best score for this session! The discomfort in the calf had gone by the end! I don't get it but welcome it very much :)

 PM - 5BW4 - Good solid session. Ready for the home run. May increase the weight for the last 4 dumbbell sessions.Will evaluate burliness when the time comes!




BAD45 - DownshiftDOWNSHIFT

Day 41 - AM - Nothing

Day 41 - PM - Nothing.

Was going to train today but was called out early for lunch. Lunch turned into dinner followed by KTV! Only trained the voice today ;)



BAD45 - Day 41DAY 41 / 42

 AM - 5DB5(-) - 2x50lb dumbbells for the Squat and Deadlift. 2x30lb dumbbells for the other movements.

 AM - 1DB4(+) - 2x50lb dumbbells for the Squat and Deadlift. 2x30lb dumbbells for the other movements.


 Did a double this morning! Also decided to go heavier on the Squat and Deadlift. Jumped from 2x30lb dumbbells to 2x50lb fellas! Took a risk but felt strong and confident. Both training sessions went very well. Will be doing a double this evening, which will be the conclusion to BAD45. Can't wait :)


BAD45 - Day 42DAY 41 / 42

 PM - 7DB4 - 2x50lb dumbbells for the Squat and Deadlift. 2x30lb dumbbells for the other movements.

 PM - 1DB5 - 2x50lb dumbbells for the Squat and Deadlift. 2x30lb dumbbells for the other movements.

Wow. Those two sessions were tough, Man. Now I know TRUE intensity. What a wonderful end to BAD45. I will do an semi-in depth write up over the next couple of days. Happy training everyone and here's to an unknown training future.......RECOVERY first!!!!

 Random Thoughts - 27th Feb 2015

I'm just gonna tap the keyboard a few times and see what comes out on the screen!

My body is still calming down from the final training session(s). I did a total of 4 and also upped the weight from 60lb to 100lb on the deadlifts, squats and rear lunges. Why? Why not? ;) I felt I had the minerals to do it and will see tomorrow if my body will thank me.

To understand something one has to study, experience and internalise; especially when it comes to something as subjective as fitness. I just love Scott Sonnon's approach and believe I will be a student for life. What he says and the offerings that he has resonate big time with the approach to fitness that I evolved for myself.

BAD45 has been a fantastic experience on many levels. 

Before I start I will need to clarify where I perceive myself at this time with regard to personal fitness. This info is relevant to my perception of where this 'review' is going. will have to wait. Laters.........................I'm tired!

28th Feb 2015

Ok...Back again. Just re-read the above. It was basically an intro to the fact that elements such as fat loss, muscle gain and cardio vascular endurance are of no interest to me. They WILL happen with this program (nutrition/resistance/point of departure/athlete level dependent). I don't care about them! They are very welcome by-products that do not form my bigger picture goals. I do not write this to appear arrogant. I spent the first year of training to achive these three variables. Now I am at a level of fitness that I am satisfied with, I am now looking at optimally fine-tuning everything.

I would regard myself as an early intermediate level 'recreational athlete'. More to follow....................

2nd March 2015

I'm gonna seriously attack this subject when I have a clearer picture of what I want to say. I'll lob a link to the final version when donw over the next week. In the meantime happy training :)


LAST UPDATE - 15th Jan 2015 ----------

BAD45 - Hormonal Optimization

1st January 2015
Further Training Calendar



I will be following the BAD45 program to the letter, however, there may be times when I add additional training centred around recovery (with the occasional 10minATP session thrown in for good measure!).

I am mindful of Tacfit and BAD45's motto of "You can add more recovery, but you can't add more work" and will monitor work/recovery levels closely.

Full details of this current stage of training can be found HERE.


Info DATA 



Mobility and compensations are built into the program, however, I am adding additional mobility at the beginning of the morning session and doing all 3 6 Degree Flows slowly after the afternoon/evening session.

Details as follows:

AM - Mobility: (Area x Number of different drills)

Neck clovers x 2
Shoulder Rotations x 4
Arm Clovers x 1
Elbow Figure 8's x 2
Wrist Clovers x 1
Thoracic Clovers x 1
Spinal Wave x 1
Hip Clovers / Cardinals x 1 drill of each
Leg Figure 8's x 1

PM - Compensations

Roll & Sway Flow (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.
Pitch & Surge (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.
Yaw & Heave (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.

January 2015 - I used to be quite a big 'walker'. Up to about a year ago I would walk an average of 2 miles per day. That stopped when my job location changed. It was not an issue as my training provides everything I need. At the end of December (2014) I decided to go for a long walk to clear out some cobwebs. I came across a cool coffee shop and decided to walk there and back on an almost daily basis. This equates to a round trip of about 2.5 miles. Sometimes I also travel to the beach and go for walks there, which is super relaxing. All good perpetual exercise :)


14th Jan 2015 - MOBILITY -  Full mobility session looking out to sea :) - 20ish minutes

Mobility Tiger Beach.jpg15th Jan 2015
- MOBILITY - Walked to my favourite coffee shop and stopped at different stages along the way to do 5 minutes of mobility.

Stopped 4 or 5 times for a total mobility session of about 25 minutes. 

Combo of ranges, circles and clovers.



1st January 2015
Let the badassery begin!
BAD45 - Mass Calendar



Data DATA       

BAD45 Data



I am in the luxurious position of being able to undertake whatever training I wish. I am not training for a specific job or event, but for longevity (and recovery from the stressors in life). In essence this means I can do what I want! In practice I don't want to cocktail my training and go nowhere but even though some of my decisions are emotionally-based they focus on taking me in the correct direction. This means all is very cool :)

Originally I had a 3 Phase training program that I put together. It was a culmination of specific training from what I would personally (and with bias) consider the best coaches in the business.

I have now completed Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 3 was to naturally commence upon completion of 2 but a curve ball has changed things slightly.

On the 26th November (2014), Coach Sonnon released a new program called BAD45. I looked on with interest during the buildup to the launch but believed I would not be purchasing it as it was focused on bodyweight and dumbbells (or so I thought). I have enough training programs to last the rest of my days so though I was going to give it a miss.


The initial focus prior to launch was on hormonal optimisation. I was introduced to this concept about two years but didn't pursue it. When Coach Sonnon started to talk about it in more detail I was fascinated. His Facebook posts yielded some great info and the free Nutrition Addition book he released was a great source of inspiration.

Again, this was not enough to make me want the new program until I saw the launch e-mail from RMAX. There were many bonuses, which included:

Progressive Yoga
Clubbell Workouts in 6 Degrees of Freedom
Clubbell Add-ons to the main BAD45 program.


I snapped up the program and devoured everything. As Mickey said to Rocky in the third movie, "It's a ting o' beauty."

After intellectually internalising the content and recently physically experiencing it, I believe this program to be a work of art. I am so eager to do it that I have displaced Phase 3 of my current training.

I'll be following the Mass Calendar for a period of 42 days. It will be exciting to see what this program yields in terms of attribute development and more importantly hormonal optimistation. Can't wait :)

Phase 3 of my current training should commence once I complete BAD45............but........who knows what the future holds ;)



The following has been taken from the official web site for BAD45.


BAD45 - Overview

This new addition to the TACFIT fleet has been named the "Bodyweight and Dumbbell 45", or BAD45 to be succinct, because it takes the most fundamental, full-body, functional bodyweight and dumbbell movements and organizes them in the most succinct manner to optimize your results, while minimizing time investment.

BAD45 exploits cutting edge discoveries in exercise endocrinology, which gives you entrance into three critical windows for your optimal performance: the catabolic, or fat burning window, the anabolic, or muscle building window, and the metabolic, or energy enhancing window.

Further Info: More information about BAD45 can be found at the official web site:
This link is a direct link, not an affiliate link.



BAD45 Data


15th December 2014 - Since purchasing this program I have devoured the manuals and analysed the training sessions. To date I have physically undertaken the following:

1. Both Progressive Yoga Sessions.
2. 1 x Bodyweight-5 training session.
3. 1 x Bodyweight-4 training session
4. All of the Clubbell 6 Degree Matrix (additional launch bonus. Maybe available separately for purchase).

I am not a fitness expert, have no fitness certifications and train for a good life. All I have is 2 years of personal study of fitness and physical practice using Tacfit. Now that that is out of the way I will continue with my humble unqualified opinion! I think this is probably one of the best fitness systems to ever hit the market. If used as described, and coupled with the suggested nutritional strategies, it will potentially yield results that go way beyond muscle and cardio. Because of the focus on hormonal optimisation, one can potentially do less work to achieve the same or greater results.

To quote Scott Sonnon, "We need to stop looking at fitness from a “how much I can perform” (power output) or muscle building perspective. It’s how much you can activate your hormonal system and switching back and forth between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system."

This program will absolutely build functional muscle and burn fat but these are secondary benefits. The primary goal is to pair up intensity to the individual biorhythm of our hormones. With correct meal timings we can also reap further benefits.

What initially looks complicated is elegantly simple if due diligence is done by taking the time to absorb the material.

I can't wait to undertake a complete cycle of this intriguing program.



UPDATE - 10th January 2015

10 days into the 42 day cycle and I have come to believe that this program is very special. I am following the Mass Calendar and to date have undertaken 20 training sessions (1 x AM, 1 x PM).

I am pretty amazed at how the body is adapting to the workload. The wave of intensity has been perfect and I am beginning to find my groove. I can think of about 5 or 6 occasions where I did not believe that I could do the next workout but have nailed, (and exceeded expectation) during them.

The hormonal optimization aspect is so appealing to me. My personal nutritional intake is about 95% spot on and the exercise/meal timing outlined in BAD45 has been working wonders.

Tacfit is a very intelligent system. I believe that BAD45 takes that intelligence to the next level.

UPDATE - 23rd January 2015

I'm currently doing the Mass calendar of BAD45 and have just completed training session 39 of 84 (Day 20 of 42). I haven't taken any measurements since beginning the program and, today, got the urge to check!

I was dumb-founded to see that I had lost just over 3lbs of body fat (with zero loss of lean tissue).

The reason I was so surprised was that fat loss is not my aim (but a very welcome byproduct). Before starting BAD45 my body fat was 9.9%. Now it is down to 8.6%. I don't count calories but have increased my nutrient intake since starting the program. If I was to guess maybe an additional 3-500 calories a day.

My primary goal with BAD45 was to delve deeper into the world of hormonal optimisation and experience the matching of daily training with internal biorhythm. In 20 very short days I have lost what I deem to be considerable body fat considering I was already in single digits AND increased my food consumption. I've also developed a 'harder' body with zero compromise on mobility. Beautiful smile emoticon

An additional factor is that I feel my stress levels are more in check. I'm a pretty laid back personality but, like everyone, have stress. I have felt a reduction in feelings linked to stress (and my current workload has gone up) and have a greater sense of groundedness.

For me the above is living proof that BAD45 does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. Build fat, burn muscle and WAY more important find hormonal balance. I personally never doubt anything that Coach Sonnon releases but am writing this to confirm that it does work (and then some) smile emoticon

Happy training,


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    Scott Sonnon Andrew great job. You did the work. Even the smartest workout is inert without will and discipline. 


UPDATE - 27th February 2015

Wow! What an amazing journey. Just completed the BAD45 Mass Calandar. Two training sessions per day for 42 training days. Due to various challenges (aka Life!) I incorporated 'Downshift' Days taking the total to 58 days.

What can I say about BAD45? Simply complex :) An incredibly simple program to undertake but one that is floating on a sea of complex patterning, endocrinology and exercise kinesiology. It is an absolutely fantastic program.

For me personally, BAD45 delivered on so many levels. Going way beyond fat loss, muscle gain and increased cardiovascular endurance I developed a deeper understanding about hormone optimisation and gained further insight into balancing personal work and recovery. I can't wait to repeat this program with Clubbells :)

After reading, understanding, experiencing and internalising BAD45 I can confirm with confidence that it offers the following and more:

1. Great introduction into the world of Tacfit.
2. Very effective training protocol.
3. Optimal training platform to efficiently meet individual goals (fat loss, muscle gain and sooooooooo much more).
4. Intelligent programming to balance work and recovery.
5. Jolly good fun!

I have been undertaking Tacfit training (Tacfit26, King of Clubs, Primal Stress and First Alarm) since 2012 and BAD45 is now a very welcome addition to my training. As with all Coach Sonnon's offerings just follow the structure as laid out and the magic will happen.

Happy training.


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