17th March 2015
The Next Stage



Today I made a major decision about my training blog. The decision was to semi-retire this web site. This could be construed as a negative but it is actually very positive action on my part and I will explain why.

Call it fate, coincidence, irony or another descriptor because unbeknown to me, this decision was made on the exact day of this web site’s first anniversary!

I started this training blog on the 17th March 2014 after being inspired by other people logging their Clubbell training on an internet forum. It manifested into something larger than expected and I have been surprised with the number of visits and positive feedback. My ego is very grateful as I am an introvert by nature, but more importantly I am hoping my efforts have inspired others.

Turning the clock back 3 years, I became aware of an amazing Bruce Lee quote while studying Pavel Tsatsouline’s work:

"Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick.
After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick.
Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.

Although I didn’t fully understand it at the time I have now come to internalise it and will expand on my understanding as it is relevant to my decision.

Two and a half years ago I began exercising. I viewed it as exercise and approached it as exercise (Before I learned the art …) It was sporadic at first and then in June 2013 became serious. It ceased being exercise and became training (After I learned the art…). October 2013 saw a real turning point with full on daily practice.

Part of the process involved following the programs that I had chosen to undertake TO THE LETTER. I was fully compliant so that I could physically, mentally and emotionally own the process. Not coming from an athletic background some of the concepts were new. From October 2012 to date I learned movement patterns, data recording, training analysis, progressive and regressive training and recovery techniques. My chosen pathway was CST and Tacfit and I diligently studied the concepts (and still am). To use an analogy I went from using an electronic device to tune my guitar to being able to do it by ear. 

Am I claiming to now be an expert. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Now that I can tune the guitar by ear it is time to master the instrument. Back to the basics from a higher level.

As of today (17th March 2015) I am now ready to take what I have assimilated and create my own programs that focus on personal areas for improvement. When I say 'create my own programs', I mean that I will be taking from the programs that I have and making hybrids. I touched on this with my Bring The Flow and Bring the Power programs. I will also be recording data specific to me and my personal goals. Before I recorded EVERYTHING (and rightly so). Now I will be recording just what I need to know (different data requirements for different people :)

So the conclusion of the quote (Now that I understand the art...) is where I feel that I am at with my training. This in turn impacts my training logs as I am moving from 'generic' to specific. A really exciting transition.

All credit for my future training, which will primarily be Tacfit-based goes to RMAX and Scott Sonnon. I only take personal credit for knowing what to tweak and how to tweak it to reach my goals. I would not have the knowledge I have now without the genius of Tacfit.

Because future training will be specific to myself I have decided to record the data I need as before but not transfer it over to the web site. I may record scores online but have yet to make a concrete decision on that aspect. From inception to creation to updation (not a word, I know ;), this web site has taken nigh on 250 hours. It has been an amazing personal experience that has developed my skills and knowledge far beyond what I thought possible. I hope to use the next 250 hours to further develop my knowledge in exercise science and endocrinology. The web site will remain in Cyberspace in the hope that other Tacfitters can benefit from my experience of trying to be a better me.  I am so happy to have given a little back.

Happy training

17th March 2015 


 Programs I will be using for future training:

Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm
Clubbell 5x5
Tacfit King of Clubs
Tacfit Kettlebell Spetsnaz
Primal Stress
Ryan's Speed and Power Programs
Tacfit Mass Assault
Tacfit Rugby
6 Degree Flow

I will also be developing my sandbag training and will pull from the DVRT system.



Post-BAD45 - Testing Hormones

3rd March - 13th March 2015
Letting Ones Hair Down!



Finished BAD45 on the 27th February (2015). Undertook some simple recovery for a mini-cycle (4 days) and then headed off on holiday for 10 days. I loaded my trusty Dell pad with my planned training schedule for the 10 day journey complete with calendars and videos. I was a man with a solid plan....but....sometimes plans don't go as planned!



I undertook basic mobility training for the first two days and did nothing on day 3. It was an unplanned departure from the solid schedule. On day 4 I did the entire Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm Mobility program. This was not in the plan, but was something as opposed to nothing! Day 5 was nothing again and day 6 was 3 rounds of the Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm TUT30 Program. After that was nothing until I returned home.

During my holiday it became evident to me that I was not going to be following my training schedule. When this realisation set in I made the bold (or foolish, depending on your viewpoint) decision to try something unusual. I decided to 'let my hair down' and see what the results would be. I slipped back into my old (very old) ways and ate crap food, drank copious amounts of alcohol and gorged on chocolate! My fellow London mates would say, "What a Tosser!"

Why did I undertake this experiment (aka stupidity)? I wanted to see how it would affect me (as well as have a naughty rocking time!). Prior to the trip I felt super fit and internally believed that I had close to optimal hormone optimisation. I had just finished BAD45, felt fantastic, felt balanced and needed a bloody good break! My post-holiday fat levels would yield the answer.

I went from 72.4kg (159.28lbs) at the beginning of the trip up to 75.7kg (166.5lbs) by the end. The real kicker was that within 3 days of returning to healthy living I was back down to 72.7kg (159.94lbs). The additional weight must have been a combo of a little fat and water.

This 'experiment' confirmed that I am in a pretty healthy state (physically) and pretty darn stupid (mentally :). Looking at what I actually consumed (chart below), one would have expected a dramatic increase in weight. But no. There was a sharp increase and them rapid recovery. As of the 16th March I feel back on form and just completed a Tacfit Bruiser Clubbell training session. Feel stronger than before the holiday (due to extended recovery as opposed to shite nutrition!)

I have absolutely no desire to repeat this 'experiment' but did enjoy it 'in the moment'. Healthy living is so much more desirable and is how I plan to continue living :) 

Info DATA 


Day 1 of Holiday (Start) 3rd March 2015 72.4 159.28  
Day 10 of Holiday (End) 13th March 2015 75.7 166.5 Increase of 3.3kg / 7.26lbs
3 Days After Holiday 16th March 2015 72.7 159.94 Dropped 3kg / 6.6lbs in 3 days.
6 Days After Holiday 19th March 2015 72.2 158.84 0.2kg / 0.44lbs lighter than Day 1 of holiday.




  Date Breakfast Lunch Dinner Daily  
          Number of pints  
  3/3/2015 Airplane Food Airplane Food Kebab 0  
  3/4/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Café) Pub Lunch Pub Dinner 3  
  3/5/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Café) Cornish Pasty from shop Pub Dinner 4  
  3/6/2015 Mexican breakfast (restaurant) Fish & Chips (Café) KFC 3  
  3/7/2015 2 large coffees from Starbucks! Kebab Dinner at Friends 6  
  3/8/2015 McDonald's Breakfast Kebab Pub Dinner 5  
  3/9/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Hotel) No lunch Pub Dinner 5  
  3/10/2015 Breakfast at Friends Kebab Pub Dinner 5  
  3/11/2015 No breakfast Kebab Hotel Dinner 4  
  3/12/2015 McDonald's Breakfast Bacon butty - Pub Airplane Food 5  
  3/13/2015 Airplane Food No lunch Airplane Food 4  


The above does not include the daily Snickers bars, Crunchies, Twix Bars, biscuits and other crap!