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I'll be logging my thoughts about particular workouts as and when the desire arises! It won't be a daily affair but after today's training session I was motivated to record some thoughts! Personal scores will also be recorded, which will include all the other training sessions that I undertake. As well as this program I will be undertaking Scott Sonnon's 10minATP (10 Minute Ab Tightening Program) as well as DVRT/Sandbag training. 


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The Magic In The Mundane   

  MAGIC IN THE MUNDANE / 10minATP / DVRT TRAINING - 28TH April 2015 - ?  
  Day Date Name Training Time Total Reps Total RPT RPE RPD HEART RATE Total Weight  
  Ex. WU and CD X out of 420 Rounds MAX AVG REC - 1 min Waking Moved (kg)  
  1 April 28, 2015 DVRT - 15min FBB 15:00 27 8.0 7.0 3.0 46 4418  
  2 April 29, 2015 10minATP 01:00 40  
  2 April 29, 2015 Circuit A 28:55 5 7.5 7 3 157 130 152-? 47 1280  
  3 April 30, 2015 10minATP 01:51 74  
  3 April 30, 2015 Circuit B 31:55 5 8 8 3 158 132 157-111 49 1030  
  4 May 01, 2015 Spinal Wakeup 30:00 8 2 2 n/a n/a n/a 62  
  5 May 02, 2015 10minATP 02:42 85  
  5 May 02, 2015 WS + SSF 30:00 6.5 4 3.5 n/a n/a n/a 47  
  6 May 03, 2015
10minATP  02:20 80

  7 May 03, 2015
Circuit A 27:40 5 8 8 3.5 155 145 152-107 52 1280  
  8 May 04, 2015 10minATP 02:16 76  
  9 May 04, 2015 Circuit B 25:25 5 8 8 3 158 138 153-111 51 1030  
  10 May 05, 2015 Spinal Wakeup 20:00 9 2 1 n/a n/a n/a 49  
  11 May 05, 2015 6DF+Comp 25:00 8 8 4 n/a n/a n/a 59  
  12 May 06, 2015 DVRT - C & P Challenge 05:00 38 8 8 2.5 n/k n/k n/k 1036  
  13 May 07, 2015 DVRT - Workout 1 20:00 206 4 8 7 2.5 151 127 141-91 5618  
  14 May 07, 2015 Circuit A   5 8.5 7 2.5 156 143 150-111 48 1280  
  15 May 07, 2015 10minATP 02:00 75  
  16 May 08, 2015 Tacfit Qual 18:00 212 3 8.5 7 2.5 146 120 135-91  
  17 May 08, 2015 Circuit B 23:40 5             50 1030  
  18 May 09, 2015 Spinal Wakeup 20:00  
  19 May 10, 2015 6DF+ 20:00 8.5 4 3 n/a n/a n/a 48  
  20 May 11, 2015 DVRT - C&P Challenge 05:00 42 7.5 6.5 2.5 156 115 n/k 55 1145  
  21 May 11, 2015 DVRT - 15min FBB 15:00 25 8 8 3 155 140 155-108 4091  
  22 May 12, 2015 Spinal Wakeup 20:00 8.5 2 2 n/a n/a n/a 48  
  23 May 13, 2015 PY C-Series 30:00 8 4 3 n/a n/a n/a 65  
  24 May 14, 2015 Tacfit Qual 18:00 181 3 8.5 6.5 2.5 144 107 118-88  
  25 May 14, 2015 Circuit A 25:50   8.5 8 2 158 146 153-119 52 1280  
  26 May 15, 2015 Circuit B 24:20 5 8.5 8.5 3 159 141 152-111 48 1030  



29th April 2015 - Day 1 - Circuit A - Wow! Wow! Wow! Magic In The Mundane training session 1, Day 1. Moderate intensity. LOVED it! Brought back memories of parts of my Tacfit26 training way-back-when. I am really excited about this phase of training. This DVD has been sat in my drawer for nearly two years. Why-o-why did I not do it earlier? Better late than never. No more cliches! See ya.....

3rd May 2015 - Day 5 - Circuit A - Day 1 was beautifully hard. Today was just hard! My body felt it today. The rest periods were shorter but I think it felt harder for different reasons (feeling a bit low lately, poor nutrition and inadequate recovery). I finished 1 min 15 seconds quicker but taking the dedicated rest periods out of the equation the training time was approx 4 minutes longer than Day 1. I don't view any of this in the negative. Growth, Baby! Bring on tomorrow. 

4th May 2015 - Day 6 - Circuit B - What a difference compared to yesterday. Went into the training session a little uncertain. Felt a little weak and not in the correct mental state. After the workout everything was beautiful; hard but beautiful. Relatively today's session was 30 seconds faster than on Day 2. This is amazing due to the compressed rest periods. Well 'appy, my son!

7th May 2015 - Day 9 - Circuit A - Did a loaded DVRT training session this morning. Didn't impede performance during this training session this afternoon. Very surprised. Today flowed beautifully. Felt comfortable within the movements and good breath. Great!

8th May 2015 - Day 10 - Tacfit Q - I am incorporating further conditioning into my training. Tacfit Q is the perfect choice for me. Read more HERE.

11th May 2015 - Today was supposed to be my Moderate training day (with High Intensity following tomorrow). I didn’t feel fully recovered from the last cycle (4 training sessions and a Clean and Press Test), so decided to take it ‘easier’.

My decision was to make this a 3 day cycle as opposed to 4 days and do alternative training on one of the days. Instead of doing my Magic In The Mundane session I changed it for 1 x Clean and Press Test and 1 x 15 minute workout. Tomorrow will be joint mobility followed by compensation training.

I am in no way suggesting that the C&P Test and 15 minute workout are easy. They are hard and challenging. They will, however, give me a rest from the intense pulling and single leg squatting of my other program so that I can fully recover for the next cycle on Thursday. It also means that my weekend will be Mobility and Compensation training as opposed to a training session and mobility. This is a plus as the weekends are my busiest working time.

What is liberating is the fact that I now understand how to plan my training. For a long time (even up to recently) I was walking in the wilderness with regard to programming. To have an understanding of ‘what’ and ‘why’ really makes a difference. I have to say a big thank you to DVRT’s Blog posts for accelerating internal thought processes with their enlightening articles. Props!

Clean and Press Test.

I felt weaker than the last time in undertook this test. Technique was off a little with regard to triple extension on the clean portion but my catch was consistent. I only missed one rep (as opposed to 5 last time) and got a final figure of 42. This is 4 reps higher than the last test. Cool.

The pushing portion felt a little harder and a couple of times I lost my core activation and arched my lower back. I became super-focused within that area and stopped it in its tracks! I didn’t want to do push presses so stuck with ‘strict’ presses.

I know today’s test felt a little harder due to not being fully recovered from my last cycle of training but it was very manageable. I was challenged and edged closer to 50 J I read this beautiful quote from Steve Holiner and had to repeat it here:

“you haven’t failed, you just haven’t passed yet!”

After training seriously for over 2 and half years (nothing to some people, a real achievement for me), I no longer see these things as failures, but challenges to be overcome. I loved this quote as it reminded me of the ‘me of before’ that would acknowledge failure.

In previous training logs I used to add a song that was relevant to that particular log. Back then I would have added, “The Only Way Is Up” by Yazz.

Now I would refrain from doing so.

That song would relate to number of reps and based on where I am at on my training journey, is not accurate. It is possible that during future tests that I undertake the number of reps may go down! This is not negative. This is growth. I am constantly learning how to refine technique in movements and am more than willing to sacrifice reps to improve movement mechanics. Today was a beautiful example of an improvement in technique to achieve higher reps while in a semi-fatigued state from previous training. Yes, my technique dipped in other areas but what was important was that I was aware of them and took steps to negate potential injury.

Chosen song would be “Heartbeat” by Wham! Methinks my reps will not jump up and down so rapidly but I tip my hat to true progress as opposed to “balls to the walls” to get the numbers.

15 Minute Workout

A tough one, Man!

Less reps than last time but I am progressing. To continue on from my previous writings above I would have seen this as going backwards but there is more wisdom in this body (and mind). I am not totally recovered from my last training cycle, which was quite intense. I also undertook the Clean and Press Challenge a couple of hours before.

When I last did this session I was fully recovered. 2 less reps today in an under-recovered state is now a success in my book. Coola-boola.

I am talking about being under-recovered so it would seem to make sense to back off. Not a chance! I have been training long enough to know the type of under-recovery I have. I am no exercise expert and would never claim to be. What I do believe is that I can now ‘tune a guitar by ear’ as opposed to using a electronic device. I hope the analogy makes sense.

After undertaking both the C&P Challenge and the 15 Min Workout I can feel that I should be fully recovered to continue with my intense training on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be recovery training. Birthday tomorrow (44). Probably look 44 but feel about 24 J

14th May 2015 - Day 16 - Circuit A - Was slower than the last cycle but can feel that strength and technique have increased. Ego knocked a little due to time but the wise side of my exercise brain is over the moon with the strength/technique development. Feel a little tired. I am either overworked due to the training sessions I have been giving myself or am under-recovered due to it being my Birthday this week and nutrition has slipped. Methinks it is the latter. No problem. back to normal after tomorrow.



"The concept of 'Workout' is an illusion. Training is perpetual practice that transcends just physical movement"

Me - April 2015