End of Cycle Summary

Monday 14th April

Reflections – Performance goals, notes and what was learned/overcome.

I have just completed Mini-Cycle Number 1 of my current fitness programs and thought it would be a good time to reflect on performance goals, challenges and workout notes. I am interested to see what they yield. Actually I am not interested, I am excited. To have logged information is fantastic as the grey matter sometimes displaces this stuff!


Previous Goals – The Latter Half of 2013

  1. Primary Goal – Increase my energy levels for work (and life in general).
  2. Secondary Goal – Develop mobility with open and closed chain mobility training
  3. Secondary Goal – Turn my 'apathy' towards the tension release stuff (aka Yoga poses) to 'love'!

Previous Goals Achieved – Up to Feb 2014

  1. Increased energy levels to allow me to work and play as hard as I do.
  2. Found the love for the tension release stuff! I view the tension release/recovery as an absolute necessity and now believe it is more important than the workouts.
  3. Enhanced range of motion from extensive mobility work.

Billy Bonuses (Not part of the original plan but very welcome!)

  1. Greatly reduced recovery time (muscle soreness etc) between workouts due to additional recovery (mobility/compensations).
  2. Fine tuning of RPT (rate of perceived technique) on moderate days. I now know when to dial it back and when to push forward.



19th March 2014

Age – 42
Weight – 73.5KG (162lbs)
Body Fat – 9.8%

Personal note – I no longer care about numbers (weight, fat %, age, calorific intake, reps, sets etc) but acknowledge that some of them are fantastic for measuring and tracking performance and the like.


  1. Primary Goal – Maintain increased energy levels. Feel fantastic after the workout and ready for the day ahead.
  2. Secondary Goal – Further develop grace and poise. My movement is a lot more fluid than before and the confidence that accompanies efficient movement patterns is priceless for me.
  3. Secondary Goal – Increase strength endurance and develop some more functional muscle mass.
  4. Clubbell Goals – Become a better Clubbell Athlete. Progress has been beyond amazing and I really want to focus on fine-tuning my performance, particularly heavy single work.




Performance Goals

  1. Be in the moment! Focus on keeping breath attached to structure and movement.
  2. Relax more and don't force breaths in the pursuit of attaching them to movement and structure.
  3. Fine tune focus for attaching breath to structure and movement


  1. Open Chain Knee Circles – balance is hard
  2. Spinal Rotations – dizziness

Challenges –Update

  1. Open Chain Knee Circles – balance is hard. I conquered this one by gripping the ground more with the toes. Much easier to do on a hard surface compared to my mat (1 inch thick). After conquering this on the mat, doing it on a hard surface was a piece of cake! Challenge overcome. 
  2. Spinal Rotations – dizziness. Been doing more of these and the dizziness is diminishing. My Clover Mobility routine includes spinal rotations and has addressed this challenge. Still very slight dizziness but is insignificant. Challenge overcome. 



Performance Goals

  1. Relax my exhales where appropriate during compensation poses. I have a tendency to force exhales.
  2. Focus on the pelvic wall lift during core activation.  


  1. Softening exhales at certain points. Feel I am more aware of this (just by the sheer fact of logging it down, which is great). Baby steps in progress.
  2.  Logging my challenges is a challenge! Need to focus more and keep on top of it.

Challenges –Update

  1. Forced exhalation. Still work in progress but I am now more aware. No hurry to get over this mountain.



Performance Goals

  1. Focus more on mid-foot drive.
  2. Ensure 'power chamber' in place before doing pull up.
  3. Continue on efficient marrying of breath to movement. Structure is rock solid at present.


  1. These became performance goals – leg drive and power chamber

Challenges –Update

  1. Feel I am utilising leg drive more and will keep it as a point of focus.
  2. Feel I am achieving more of a power chamber on the pull ups.



  1. Regress or reset? That is the question and is work in progress.
  2. Learn new exercises before doing them in the training.
  3. Discernment. When to push forward and when to back off.


  1. Keeping an in-depth written training log is pure gold. Highly recommended. Like training, it can be a pain at first but when one owns it, it becomes part of one’s life. I now own it.
  2. Secret weapon during the hard parts of training – SMILE 
  3. Baby steps + Just keep showing up = Desired outcomes.
  4. Autonomy in training is really simple but the journey to get there can be complicated. I have recently designed my own personal Clubbell training program, a high level Mobility Program and know which compensation exercises to do to relieve potential muscle soreness.
  5. Regression exercises are magic.
  6. Everyone is different. Our goals are different. People change regularly and so should our goals.
  7. Pursuing this type of fitness is fantastic for processing the poop in one’s life. I feel more grounded and able to handle the challenges that life brings more easily.
  8. Questioning the little sabotaging voice in one’s head before acting on it may yield positive results to tame the beast within!
  9. The human body never ceases to amaze me! Rapid adaptation to imposed demands. Amazing.


  1. Creating a personal Clubbell program for my afternoon/evening training. 
  2. Creating a personal mobility program that can be done in under 4 minutes.
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