I Don't Believe It!!!!


Wednesday 21st May
Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm
Cycle 5 - Day 17 of 28


Today I was reviewing some of the exercises from Tacfit Fire Fighter First Alarm. I really like the instructionals as they are short and punchy. 

As I was watching one of the exercise instructions I went through the following process: 



Andy, you donkey!

Andy, you donkey!

Ha Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha

I discovered that I was doing the exercise from the pull-up family completely wrong. At Recruit Level is an exercise called the Jump Up. You jump up as high as you can and then through smooth controlled effort lower yourself back down. There is no pulling motion at all.

So, to recap, you jump up and grab the bar, smoothly lower yourself back down and then let go of the bar. The next rep then commences.

Laughing. I was not doing this at all! I was jumping up as high as I could then pulling myself up the remainder of the way so that my chest was level with the bar. What I was basically doing were single pull-ups; jumping up, pulling up, lowering down and releasing the bar for the next rep. I now understand why I was having a tough (but great) time with this exercise.

Now. I have to say that the video instruction for the exercise is very very clear. Somehow the information I received after watching it originally got changed by my grey matter!

CONCLUSION - I am over the moon that I regularly review exercise instructions. I would be lying if I said that this was the first time this has happened. It is not and I am sure will not be the last time. I don't choose to beat myself up about it as I have benefited from doing a harder version. I will now, however, regress to the correct one to polish off technique. Also I decided to start off with a cycle of recruit to get to know the program and iron out any kinks in my knowledge.

Just wanted to share my potential embarrassment!!!!!



Song of the DaySong for this moment - '"Oops I Did It Again"  by Britney Spears