Something New - 17 March 2014

I've never done anything like this before, however, I have been inspired by others to record my training log online.

Today is the last day of my current Bodyweight Program (Level 1). The last 4 days have been a combination of closed chain mobility and prasara flows to balance all the work done during the exercise phase. I was also doing some Clubbell work separate to the bodyweight stuff for two reasons; 1. I just love playing with Clubbells! And 2 to focus on strength/endurance with the development of more efficient recovery between the Clubbell circuits.

The primary focus with the bodyweight program was to increase my energy levels for work (and life in general).

Secondary goals were to develop mobility with open and closed chain mobility training and to turn my 'apathy' towards the tension release stuff (aka Yoga poses) to 'love'! I used to find all manner of excuses not to do the yoga poses but in the last 6 months have conquered that mountain. The irony is that I now view the tension release/recovery as an absolute necessity and now believe it is more important than the workouts. I never truly realised how important it was to release the body from just regular living (sitting, standing and more sitting etc). For me it was a classic case of reading how important it was, agreeing it was important but not owning it internally. Now I read it, agree with it and own it!

Now that summer is on the way I have decided to shift my focus a little. I am moving onto Level 2 of the program that I am doing but it will include some toys such as Clubbells, Kettlebells and Gymnastic Rings. I want to up the ante on strength/hypertrophy work. This will be the morning stuff (I get up at 5.30 on week days to workout and 4.30 at weekends). 

There will be some afternoon stuff twice a week with Clubbells but I am feeling burly and may just visit Clubbell Mass Evolution for a second time. Ordinarily I would not do so much work but I've spent the last year and a half getting in tune with my body to know when to push forward and when to back off. I still get it wrong and sometimes do too much but I enjoy the learning curve. If anyone is going to be starting Mass Evolution maybe we can work together?