No Intensity - 2 June 2014


Monday 2nd June
Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm
Recovery Cycle - Day 1 of 4


 Info INFO

The Plan

  • Stage 1 - COMPLETED - Details HERE.
  • Stage 2 - Start with The Tacfit Firefighter Challenge. 
  • Complete all 23 cycles of Tacfit Fire Fighter First Alarm at Proby Level (Level 2).



Resting Heart Rate – 50bpm 

Warm Up – The complete Tacfit Firefighter mobility program - 25 minutes


 Thoughts THOUGHTS

Performance Goals – None. 

Challenges – None.

Notes: Nice chilled start to the recovery phase. My body feels ready for a four day recovery cycle (6 if you include the last two days but who's counting)? Still feeling slight soreness from the last cycle but the compensations yesterday cleared up a lot of the cobwebs. Feeling cooooool.


Song of the DaySong of the day - ''Chill'  by Rasmus